We are working on a critical bug

Dear players,

We’re facing a critical bug on all of our gameworlds.

This bug causes some battles’ effects to not be applied at all. For example, a report displays that some buildings were destroyed during a battle. However, those buildings are still there and were not destroyed. In the case of a residence, it means you can’t conquer the village despite the report making you believe you can. 

As another example of the bug, a report shows you the defending army got killed while they were still in the game and weren’t killed after all.

As you can understand, this is a big issue for our gameworlds, and we’re working hard to identify the problem’s cause. Our team has created multiple tests, including hundreds of thousands of attack scenarios, to identify the exact circumstances with which the order goes wrong. 

This bug only happens under rare and specific circumstances, and our team has yet to figure out which combination makes this bug happen. Our team will continue their work to try and find the issue so they can create a fix for it.

If you have faced this issue, please send a report to our Customer Service, providing as many details as possible. This will help speed up our team with their investigation, and so far we have received multiple reports from the players. We appreciate your help!

We will continue our efforts to tackle this bug and find a solution. When we have an update, we will share the news with you as soon as possible.

8th of February Update: We have a potential fix and have started a rollout today for Arabics, Asia, and America worlds. This update will help us pinpoint the problem. Tomorrow 9th of February, we will continue with International worlds at 10:03 UTC+0, followed by Europe worlds, local specials, and the Finals. The active investigation of the problem’s cause will continue during and after this rollout.

Your Travian: Legends Team