Travian: Legends Tournament 2022 is over!

“Victory is not won in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later win a little more.”

Louis L’Amour.

Travian: Legends Finals 2022 has come to an end. It was a glorious fight. Strongest vs strongest. Bravest vs bravest. Those who fight till the end despite all odds.

With the final stone of the 100th level of a mighty Wonder of the World Fifi together with the alliance P.S. + PTN became the rulers of the era!ย 

We congratulate the winners of the Travian Tournament 2022 and all those who took part in this mighty construction.

Victory is a great achievement. But what makes it even greater is when it is achieved through teamwork, coordination and cooperation.ย 

Time to enjoy the nice trophy and prepare for the next fights!

See you on the battlefields,

Your Travian: Legends Team

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