Travian: Legends Mobile App – More testing!

Behind the scenes the development of the mobile app continued! We are ready for another testing phase and are inviting 300 brave warriors to help us in this process.

Keep in mind that this is not a full and complete app just yet: not all in game features are available during testing. You will still need to play on the browser version to experience the full gameplay of Travian: Legends. Nonetheless, this development phase did add a lot of newly implemented features that you can test out and your feedback can help us create the best version of the mobile app.

If you’re interested in joining the test? Keep on reading!

What do we want to achieve with our tests?

In this testing phase we would like to get feedback on some of the core functions within Travian: Legends. Some building functions have now been implemented and need testing such as the Marketplace, Palace, Residency and Townhall. Other parts of the core gameplay also need testing such as Reports, Alliances, the Hero and its inventory, Settling a new village etc.

In general we would like to know: Which parts of the app do you like? Which parts don’t, and why? Where do you encounter problems, because something does not work, or it is not clear how to use it or how it should work? What features do you think are still missing to be able to use the app for playing on a daily basis?

We would like to gather clear answers on those and many more questions, so we can define out next steps and prioritize them accordingly. For this we need your help!

What exactly will be tested?

During this test we will focus on several buildings and their functions, as well as the Hero, Alliances and Premium features. A more detailed overview of what will be part of the test can be found at the end of the article.

I want to participate! How can I do that?

We have some limitations regarding the number of participants and the operating system itself. Because of this we will have to act according the following requirements.

  • The test will run via Google Play and Appstore. Due to its limitations we can only invite up to 300 players in total.
  • The test will run on only one gameworld – International 3x – that starts on February 21st. So, in order to be eligible you will need to be registered on this specific gameworld.
  • We welcome both new and experienced players, since we would like to make sure that the app can be used by the majority of Travian: Legends players.
  • The test is both for Android OS and iOS, take into account that you will need a device that supports these operating systems.
  • We are looking for players with fluent English that are ready to share detailed and constructive feedback and to participate in regular surveys and polls that are carried out by the development team.
  • Last, but certainly not the least: we are looking for committed players who are willing to actively participate in the test during the whole 6 weeks testing phase from February 28th to April 11th.

I am the ideal candidate! What are my next steps?

  • Register on International 3x on February 21st.
  • By February 21st an application survey will be send to all the players that registered on this gameworld. Fill in that survey until February 26th.

What will happen next?

If you are picked as one of the participants, you will be invited to a dedicated Discord server where your feedback and first-hand impressions about the app will be expected to be shared. And don’t forget to report bugs/inconsistencies and whatever else you find ‘out of place’ ;).

As a token of our gratitude, Gold vouchers will be raffled among the participants who remain active until the end of the test.

Here is a rundown of possible actions that we plan to test:

  • Task system
  • Village Overview
  • Alliances and Embassies – does NOT include Alliance forums and Alliance Banner editor
  • Reports
  • Hero and Inventory – does NOT include Auctions and Hero editor
  • Profile Page
  • Smithy and Academy
  • Gold Shop – ONLY on Android
  • Boosting Buildings via ads
  • Marketplace
  • Night Mode
  • Palace, Residency and Command Center
  • Settling
  • Improvement to Production Overview
  • Wavebuilder and Raid Lists
  • Town Hall
  • Polishing based on the feedback from the last test

Those who cannot participate in the test, don’t worry We will keep you updated on our blog and Discord server!

Stay tuned and happy raiding everyone!