CHANGELOG – Release 1966

Overview: Fixed combat strength statistics and better restoration of starved troops.

🆕 Changes:

TL-11504 Better restoration of starved troops after technical issues: In cases when the game was not available for a notable time due to technical issues, we restore troops that starved, as players may not have been able to supply them properly. When we did this in the past, the troops were in general restored in their home villages, which is not ideal and can mess with defence plans. We are changing this now. The troops will be restored in the place they were when they starved. Troops that were in movement will be restored in the village that was supplying them at the moment.

Note that if the troops can’t be in the specific place (for example the village was destroyed or the owner is no longer in the same confederacy as the owner of the troops), the troops will be restored in their home village instead.

🛠️ Bugfixes:

TL-11354 Fixed an issue with the general combat strength statistics. Troops that died, but were restored with bandages, were not counted in the statistics.

TL-11893 Forwarding troops into their home village didn’t properly change where they get their food from. This has been fixed. Now forwarding troops back to their home village acts the same as simply sending them back. When they start traveling, they switch to the diet from their home village.

TL-11884 Troops found in adventures: The tooltip on the icon of the unit shown in the report list had incorrect information about the number of units found. This has been fixed.

TL-11173 Fixed an issue in right-to-left languages with scrolling tabs horizontally, when there are more of them that fit the screen. The arrow to scroll to the left was not shown properly.

TL-11790 Corrected unreadable text overlapping the next line in the tribe selection step when activating a new account in some languages.

TL-11859 Fixed a display issue on the login screen – the forgotten password link was partially not visible.

TL-11706 Gameworlds with the Ancient Europe map: population of players in vacation mode does not count toward territorial control. However, if their population increased during vacation, this increase was incorrectly added to their alliance. This won’t happen anymore.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)

27.02 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 – International 3, International 5, International 30

01.03 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 – International°
01.03 ~ 12:03 UTC+0 – America

02.03 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 – Asia
02.03 ~ 12:03 UTC+0 – Arabics

03.03 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 – Europe, DE Wimpel

°Excluding the gameworlds listed separately.