Results of 2022 and unboxing our plans for 2023

2022 is over. It was a packed year both for us and the community. Let’s look back and revisit the main topics of 2022.

The beginning of the year was rather bumpy for the game. Provider lag issues combined with the most severe DDoS attacks ever experienced by our game put a lot of pressure on our dev team and players. We had to change our service provider, take multiple measures, and run a PTR stress world to overcome this. That’s why we are thrilled to confirm that our efforts paid off. Game performance improved significantly, and gameworlds are running smoothly now. Thank you to the players who helped us test the new environment and make the game more stable. You rock!

At the same time, 2022 gave us lots of exciting new features. . New hero interface, separate PvP and PvE rankings, various Quality of Life improvements, reworked trade routes and the 6th tribe – the mighty and glorious Spartans– all this arrived in 2022!
Additionally, the new combat subsystem is further improving the performance of gameworlds, and fighting for the artefacts is becoming even more exciting due to implemented changes.

Last but not the least, a wonderful Travian-themed tournament trophy has been introduced to the players and is waiting to be sent to the ultimate winner of the 2022 Tournament Finals!

But what about 2023?
2023 started with a bang: the 2023 New Year’s Special! The Spartans arrived on the NYS2023 as the new tribe and brought many players and pre-made teams aiming to fight for the Wonder of the World in a 6-tribe setting! More than 24,000 players picked this scenario as their battle zone! Will we see a Spartan Wonder of the World, or will the Teutons and Egyptians dominate? Time will tell!
In April 2023, you can expect the return of our Glory of Sparta gameworlds. If you missed those worlds in September or prefer fighting for the regions, check out our blog at the end of March to see our Glory of Sparta gameworld calendar and the new features!
June 2023 will bring us the tournament qualification rounds. Fighting against the best of the best takes time, practice, and preparation – precisely what the qualification rounds are for. And, of course, they provide the key to the tournament finals for the most successful participants. More details about the Travian tournament will be posted in May.

July and August are when we usually start revealing the new features of the next Annual Special. If you’re an alliance leader, a strategist, or prefer being fully prepared before the main round, take advantage of our traditional Closed Beta gameworld. The regular Annual Special worlds will start during the week when we celebrate the game’s birthday (September 5th, 2023) under the new name and with a new set of exciting features!

The last pillar of the year is the tournament finals that will start in November.

Is that all? Surely not!
The Weekend Warrior is coming back to those who prefer a more relaxed style of playing, without having to worry too much about night-time attacks. The night truce, fighting only on the weekends, and changed endgame conditions provide a fun experience for those who do not have much time during the weekdays. If you still love the game but hesitate to join a regular gameworld due to the lack of time, this world is designed for you!
This year we will bring back local gameworlds. Players again will have a unique chance to play with their fellow players in a local language and vote for the speed, feature set, and which tribes they want to play. Local gameworlds will be launched in the following domains: Turkey, Hispano, Balkans, CZSK, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Lusobrasileiro, and Poland. Naturally, players will receive a unique medal specially designed for their community!
In 2023, we will keep working on the app to make our game even more accessible from mobile devices. Quite soon we will announce another test for the added features. Don’t miss our announcement if you’d like to get early access and be the first to get an inside look at the app.

We will also keep implementing Quality of Life changes based on player suggestions over the course of the year.

In terms of customer service, we will finish the localization of the Knowledgebase in all key languages on our customer service portal. The Knowledgebase will be available in French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian, Czech, Polish, Lithuanian, Vietnamese, Turkish, and Arabic languages. We will also replace outdated answer links to the newer Knowledgebase in the game.

As for community management, we will keep informing you about all news, updates, and exciting events through our primary communication channels – this blog and the official Discord. Don’t miss our weekly Discord activities and special events designed for you, such as Monday Mystery where you can win Gold each Monday in a mysterious event, or the randomized weekly giveaways where rewards, the number of winners, and the duration will always be a complete surprise!

And that’s a wrap. As you can see, we have many different things prepared for you. But we would also like to hear your suggestions. What event are you most looking forward to this year? What Quality of Life feature do you hope to be implemented in 2023? Share your thoughts with us on Discord!