Quality of Life ~ Vol. 3: “Start all” button and abandoned farm lists

Welcome back to the “Quality of Life” update blog series! Today it’s time to announce the last batch of changes we started working on in 2022. We’ll begin with…

I. One button to start them all!

One of the most anticipated changes is coming soon to all gameworlds that started after November 1st, 2022!

A new “Start all” button will be added at the top of all farm lists, making it possible to launch them with just a single click.

  • The sending process will not be immediate. After clicking the “Start all” button, the game will send out farm lists from top to bottom, one by one.
  • Make sure to wait on the farm list page until the process ends! The feature works on the player’s side: if you leave the page while the process is still running, any remaining farm lists will be missed!
  • Players will also have the option to stop sending farm lists at any time without leaving the page by clicking a “Cancel” button. In this case, already-sent raids will keep going, but new ones will not be launched.
  • If the player clicks the “Start all” button again, the process will run from the very beginning. So, it’s best to deactivate all targets you don’t want to raid first!

II. Abandoned farm lists

Creating a great set of farm lists takes a lot of time. Therefore, when a player loses a farming village due to zeroing or conquering, sometimes the army’s loss has way less impact on their game than the loss of all the farm lists created in that village.

So, we decided to address that and implement abandoned farm lists.

What is an abandoned farm list?

  • When a player loses a village that has assigned farm lists, all those farm lists will be moved to the “Abandoned farm list” category.
  • Players can move these farm lists to existing villages and re-activate them.
  • The abandoned farm list category is not visible by default. It appears only if it contains at least one farm list. Once you move all the lists to existing villages, this category will disappear.
  • The abandoned farm lists will keep their original names and targets. But there won’t be any troops assigned to them, and they won’t show the distance to the target village. They will still include information about the last raid.

III. Visibility of village list attacks (Travian Plus feature)

At the start of Glory of Sparta, we introduced a new feature that the community highly praised.

Attacks marked with a green dot 🟢 in the rally point will no longer be shown as swords in the village list.

With the next release, this feature will also be part of all regular gameworlds.

IV. Favorite tab in the “Troops” category

An option to mark the favorite tab has been added to the “Troops” category in the village overview (Travian Plus feature).

When will these announced changes be implemented?
  • Attack visibility and the option to pick a favorite tab in the “Troops” category will be added to all gameworlds in the next release.
  • The “Send all” button is expected to appear in February. The feature will be active only on gameworlds that started after January 1st, 2023.
  • Abandoned farm lists will be added in one of the upcoming releases in spring for all gameworlds.
Can we expect any further “Quality of Life” changes?

Yes! Currently, our developers are working on one last planned Quality of Life change: the marketplace revamp, which will be available later this year. After that, we will define the next list of Quality of Life changes and share it with you as soon as it’s available. Stay tuned.