CHANGELOG – Release 1917

Overview:” Send all” farmlists button, new maintenance screen, combat simulator allows to simulate any tribe attack with brewery and various bug fixes.

🆕 Quality of Life:
TL-11472 A new “Start all” button will be added at the top of all farm lists, making it possible to launch them with just a single click. Read more about the “Start all” button here.

🆕 Changes:

TL-11684 Maintenance / Error screen got a new design that matches the game’s style better.

TL-1069 Players can change the account name to the same one with capital letters (i.e. tiger -> Tiger, TIGER and vice versa). This change follows the existing rules for changing account names.

TL-11739 It’s now possible to select brewery effect for any tribe in a combat simulator, not only for the Teutons. This change is important for gameworlds with enabled feature “keep-tribe-on-conquer”.

🛠️ Bugfixes:

TL-11829 Setting some specific timezone made the game inaccessible. The issue has been fixed.

TL-11830 In some circumstances, accepting the punishment after the ban led to “Error 500” message, leaving the account unable to do anything afterward. It now works correctly again and the player can continue playing immediately.

TL-11803 During combat simulation, trapper gave wrong information about trapped and saved troops, mixing up the numbers. He now attended a math lesson and promised that will no longer happen.

TL-11807 In some cases, occupied oases didn’t raise up loyalty to their owners after conquering attacks. The issue has been fixed.

TL-11683 After an attack on an occupied oasis, hero status still showed “on the way to oasis” even if the hero was already coming back. We persuaded heroes to give correct information about their whereabouts.

TL-11796 Changing capital and rebuilding brewery in a new one while brewery celebration was still running led to logistics issues and troops didn’t receive neither the beverage, nor the bonus. The issue has been fixed.

TL-11795 Destroying brewery made a sober effect on the chiefs and their loyalty reduction got back to normal despite running celebration. This also has been fixed.

TL-11804 If an alliance leader sent a mass-message to [off] or [def], while none of the players had selected specializations, it led to “mySQL error” displayed. We changed the error message to be clearer about the reason why the message cannot be sent.

TL-11797 Trapper: Not all traps got destroyed on a successful attack when trapped troops are freed. This has been fixed.

TL-11777 Killing animals didn’t contribute to the alliance’s top10 raider statistics. Fixed.

TL-11771 Information that the wall was not damaged due to lack of rams will now be shown in the report again.

TL-11438 Rally Point: Send troops: Some characters displayed wrong in the village name when player edited an attack. The issue has been fixed.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)

30.01 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 — Asia20, Asia7, Asia15

01.02 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 — Asia°
01.02 ~ 12:03 UTC+0 — International

02.02 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 — Arabics
02.02 ~ 12:03 UTC+0 — America

03.02 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 — Europe, IT, DE
03.02 ~ 12:03 UTC+0 — Finals

°Excluding the gameworlds listed separately.