CHANGELOG – Release 1891

Overview: Marking fakes hides them on all gameworlds

🆕 Quality of Life improvements:
Marking an attack in Rally Point with a green ball will hide red swords notification on the village list about this attack. This feature was originally created for Glory of Sparta, now all other gameworlds receive it.

You can mark a subtab as favouite in the Troops tab in the village overview. Favourite subtab will open by default when you open the troops tab.

🆕 Other changes:
TL-11676 Changing village name is now immediately reflected on the village list.

🛠️ Bugfixes:

TL-11773 Animals captured with cages got so attached to their new owners, they would not leave even when released. We reminded them of the beautiful wilderness they came from. Now you can actually send them back to nature.

TL-10976 Marketplace and crop finder do not break under the weight of very long player names anymore.

TL-10904 Also the edit farm list link on the map can handle very long names now.

TL-11764 Fixed an issue with a pop-up when downloading hero picture.

TL-11704 Fixed an issue in surrounding reports list regarding village name changes. They were not reported in the actual surrounding of where they happened.

TL-11696 When your village was deleted, trade routes from your other villages to that village were not deleted. This has been fixed. Conquering your own village will still not delete any trade routes.

TL-11714 Residence, Palace or Command Center were sometimes showing incorrect (too big) amount of Culture Points when first opened. Refreshing the page would correct the display. The actual amount of points was generated and stored correctly. The display issue has been fixed.

TL-11761 Fixed an issue with background image that was not filling the whole background when screen resolution width was below certain size.

TL-11632 Glory of Sparta: corrected sorting of regions by Territorial Control in statistics.

TL-11738 New combat system: the message about pushing protection was incorrectly shown when the limit was not yet reached. It will be displayed only when the amount of resources raided was limited due to the pushing protection.

TL-11712 Changing active village while in the process of sending back/withdrawing troops would show a blank page. It will show the Rally Point overview tab instead.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)

16.01 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 – America20, America2, America15

18.01 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 – America°
18.01 ~ 12:03 UTC+0 – International

19.01 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 – Arabics
19.01 ~ 12:03 UTC+0 – Asia

20.01 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 – Europe, IT Eterni, DE Wimpel
20.01 ~ 12:03 UTC+0 – Finals

°Excluding the gameworlds listed separately.