Quality of Life Changes ~ Vol. 2: Various Improvements

Welcome to the Quality of Life Volume 2 Update! We received a lot of positive feedback after our Volume 1 changes (for those who missed them, here is the link) and would like to thank you for that. Your response helps us make even more progress!

Now the time has already come to present you another bunch of changes that will go live with the next release and aim to further improve your game experience! Have you already tried to work independently with your sitters and duals? Have you had a look at the amazing “Troop training tab”? Feels great, doesn’t it?

What other Quality of Life changes await you in the next update?

📜 The alliance attack ranking now considers only points received in PvP battles, ignoring PvE (for the game worlds starting after January 1, 2023)

This means that players killing oasis nature troops no longer increase the alliance attack ranking. Instead, the ranking matches the sum of all alliance members’ PvP attack points. As mentioned before, this change will only be available on the new game worlds starting after January 1, 2023.

📜Village overview changes – new group: resources (Travian Plus feature)

The “Warehouse” tab have been combined into one category: “Resources“. The combined tab continues to display the current resources in each village and the occupied capacity of the warehouse and granary. Moreover, there are two new sub-tabs: “Hourly Production” displays the hourly production for each resource per village, and “Capacity” shows the current warehouse and granary capacity for each village.

📜Cancel research and upgrades for the smithy and academy

Two new buttons have been added to the smithy and academy that let players fix occasional mistakes when they start research or upgrades for unwanted units. 

  • Academy: “Continue research” and “Cancel research”
  • Smithy: “Continue improvement” and “Cancel improvement”

If you choose to cancel research and/or a smithy improvement from level 0 to level 1, resources will be returned in full. For more advanced smithy upgrades, the formula will follow the usual building formula for cancellation: When you cancel, you will only receive the costs of the previous upgrade.

📜 New tool-tip texts for the hero profile

Portrait tool-tips have been adjusted to provide better information about the hero directly from the radial portrait menu. This includes how much XP is needed to reach the next level and a hero adventure movement with countdown while hovering over the boot icon. 

📜Village tasks have become more clear

The fields/economy tasks (i.e. “All clay pits” or “Complete economy”) now display the task progress so that it is clearer how many fields still need to be upgraded to complete the task and claim the reward.

📜 Send merchants link is disabled in the map village view if the player doesn’t belong to the same confederacy

This has been done to avoid accidental clicks and confusion during map search.