NEW YEAR’S SPECIAL 2023 ~ Feature set

The New Year’s Special gameworlds first saw the light in January 2018 and since then have become a key event for the community. This isn’t surprising. These gameworlds give players a truly unique experience, combining a well-known scenario with new features. So, what does this mean for next year? Yes, you guessed right!

Beware, people of Travian! The Spartans are coming!

The new tribe that had a glorious debut in the world of Travian back in September 2022 has decided not to limit themselves to the battle for Europe. Powerful, enduring, and relentless, the Spartans have picked a more significant challenge for themselves… building the Wonder of the World and proving their dominance while enduring the bitter cold! Will we see Spartan World Wonder killers? Only time will tell!

What other features have been added to the New Year’s Special scenario? What made it through the player vote?

Read the table below and find out all the details!


🛡️General features🛡️

Six tribes.The new tribe – the Spartans – as well as the Egyptians, Huns, Teutons, Gauls, and Romans, will be available on all New Year Special gameworlds.
Advanced start

  • Your first village will start with all resource fields at level 5.
  • You’ll already own six settlers and enough CP to settle two additional villages.
  • 18-croppers, 15-croppers, and 9-croppers can’t be settled as second and third villages.
  • You’ll be granted CP to settle two villages and 75% of the CP difference required to settle the fourth village (the bar will be filled to 3/4).
  • The first two villages you settle will automatically have all resource fields at level 5 (additional villages will be settled with resource fields at level 0 as usual).
There will be four 18-cropper villages available in the game. The coordinates of these croppers are fixed, one for each sector:

  • (25|25)
  • (-25|25)
  • (25|-25)
  • (-25|-25)

All 18-cropper villages will have 150% crop oases within reach.

Small map (401×401). Wonders of the World that can be conquered and upgraded after construction plans appear. For the first time ever, there’s the possibility to build a Spartan Wonder of the World!
End of the gameworld
The alliance that first constructs a Wonder of the World to level 100 will be announced as the winner of the era.
Troop merging
Yes – unlimited with resources – Gold usage limited to 50 Gold per day per village. More information is available here.
Troop forwarding
Yes. Details on how to forward troops can be found here.
Attacks visible on the alliance page
No. This feature (together with fake attack management) received only 42.7% of the votes and didn’t pass the 50% threshold. Therefore, it will not be included in the New Year’s Special scenario.

⚔️Conquering and settling ⚔️

(Keep-tribe-on-conquest feature)

Conquering from other players
When conquering a village that belongs to an account of another tribe, the village keeps that tribe. The tribe-specific buildings are kept unless they are destroyed in battle. Your account will stay as the tribe you picked during registration.
Conquering from Natars
When conquering a Natar village, the village will belong to the tribe of the chief’s village.
Settling a village
When settling a new village, the village created belongs to the tribe of the settler’s village.

⛏️Hero adventures and items⛏️

Hero items
Wearing items from other tribes improves the values of the units if they are accompanied by the hero. The Spartan hero receives a bigger bonus from a Spartan weapon.
Items in adventures
Your hero can only find items for the account’s tribe.
Troops in adventures
Your hero can find troops that belong to the tribe of the village where they started the adventure.

Stay tuned and come back to us on December 26th to learn all the information about game speeds and start dates!

The central question remains: Which tribe will you lead to victory?