New Combat Subsystem on all Asia and Arabics gameworlds

On December 22nd 2022 the New Combat Subsystem will be turned on all Asia and Arabics gameworlds.

Rollout plan:
  • 22.12.2022 10:03 UTC+0 Arabics
  • 22.12.2022 12:03 UTC+0 Asia
What is the new Combat Subsystem?

For the past couple years our dev team worked on re-writing the code related to battles in Travian: Legends to make it better and easier to maintain in the future. It’s a very complicated part of the game and therefore it took quite some time to get it ready for the live gameworlds.

In October 2022 we launched a PTR gameworld with it and it ran without major issues. On November 3rd, first pioneer regular worlds – Europe 6 and America 30 also received this update. In December it was also activated on all America region. Thanks to players’ feedback, we found and successfully fixed some issues related to it. Now time has come to update Asia and Arabics regions with the new combat subsystem.

What does it mean for the players?

This is backend stuff, there should not be any changes in the battle results themselves.

Still, we appreciate if you pay close attention to all combat in the game and submit tickets to the Customer Service in case encounter anything out of the ordinary. Thank you for making our game better!