CHANGELOG – Release 1832

Overview: Second set of Quality of Life improvements.

🆕 Changes:
In this update, we introduce another set of Quality of Life improvements.

🆕 Other changes:
TL-11448 – Glory of Sparta only – Building level indicator for Town Hall, used in the village center, gained new functionality. Clicking the level will open the “Management” tab of Town Hall, to be able to upgrade it quickly. On the other hand, clicking the building itself will still open the favourite tab, for example “Celebrations”.

We only implemented this feature for Town Hall as a test. If it works out, we want to implement similar behaviour for all buildings. We are curious to know how you liked it – let us know on Discord after you had a chance to use it in practice.

Additionally, we slightly increased level indicators for all buildings, and we removed the old and rarely used toggle that switched the indicators style to an older one.

TL-11623 Buttons to repeat attacks, simulate combat etc. will not be shown in reports opened by other players who got the URL of the report from its owner.

🛠️ Bugfixes:

TL-10795 Fixed an issue in a regular browser version of the game when used with a touchscreen device. In the hero inventory, tapping an item would sometimes open the menu in the wrong place, even outside of the screen.

TL-11681 Fixed tooltip on hero portrait claiming hero was defending a village, when in fact they were defending an oasis.

TL-11678 Fixed an issue with favourite tabs in buildings. Until the player sets up a favourite tab, no tab should be marked as favourite. The building will still open on the default tab (as before).

TL-11636 Setting a trade route using a direct URL would not accept single-digit hours or minutes. This has been fixed.

TL-11670 Opening combat simulator with a link from a spy report would not insert troop numbers properly.

TL-11665 Cancelling master builder order was cancelling an ongoing construction (to level 1) of the same building.

TL-11662 Fixed issues with taskmaster notifications about completed tasks, that would show notifications about completed tasks in the starting village, not in the currently active village.

TL-11659 Fixed an issue when trying to simulate a battle as defender.

⏲️ Rollout plan (No Downtime)

05.12 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 – Asia2, Asia7, Asia20

07.12 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 — Asia°
07.12 ~ 12:03 UTC+0 — International

08.12 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 — Arabics, NL Schild, CZSK, DE Wimpel
08.12 ~ 12:03 UTC+0 — Europe, IT Eterni

09.12 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 — America
09.12 ~ 12:03 UTC+0 — Finals

°Excluding the gameworlds listed separately.