Quality of Life Changes ~ Parallel sessions for duals and sitters, oases changes and much more

We recently announced our plans for Quality of Life updates, and today we are happy to introduce the first set of changes for late fall. So, get comfortable in a cozy armchair, pour yourself a hot beverage, and enjoy reading!

Which Quality of Life changes will come to the game with the next update?

The new interface will now show more information without you having to do meticulous calculations, allowing you to perform some actions much faster! Look through the list of changes and 🖱️click on the headers🖱️ to see the upcoming update in fine detail!

⚔️ Improving farming and raiding actions
📜When was the farm list last sent?

A new tooltip will display the last time a specific farm list was sent.

📜How many resources can be raided?

Scout reports will directly indicate the total sum of raidable resources.

📜How far is the target?

A tooltip will show the distance from the active village to the clickable coordinates.

📜Clicking on the bag in the report list to re-send attacks also marks the report as read

By clicking on the bag in the report list, players who use Travian Plus can re-send attacks automatically without opening the report. We’ve added a little bit more convenience to this feature: Now it also marks the report as read.

📜Battle simulation for alliance reports (scout and combat)

With Travian Plus active, players can simulate their reports and alliance reports. This includes attack, defense, and scout reports.

🐘Farming oases
📜Occupied or unoccupied? That’s no longer a question!

Information now indicates whether an oasis is occupied or unoccupied directly in the farm list.

📜Animal information in a tooltip

Find oases worth raiding by simply mousing over them on the map!

📜Distance to oases

Have you got lost in the process, and are you unsure how far a particular oasis is? This will no longer be an issue. Simply click on an oasis and see the exact distance from your current active village!

🐴 Other improvements
📜Parallel actions for sitters and duals

Everyone who plays with duals or active sitters knows this feeling all too well. When you perform specific actions in one village, and your dual suddenly makes a change, this leads to missed sending times, granaries overflowing, and other mishaps. After this feature is implemented, the active village will be saved per session. In other words, multiple people can manage the account simultaneously without disturbing each other!

📜Hero items become more visible in player profiles

You will now see hero items directly from the player profile. Mouse over an item to read a tooltip with complete information about the item type and all the bonuses it provides. Consumable items will not be displayed, even if equipped.

📜Village overview will now display training queue lengths (Travian Plus feature)

The new “Training” tab in the village overview will show queue lengths for all buildings, including the hospital, great barracks, and great stables. This tab will be next to the “Hospital” tab in the “Troops” category.

📜Coordinate shortcuts now also work for in-game messages (Travian Plus feature)

Clicking on the coordinates of one of your villages when writing an in-game message will automatically add the coordinates and the corresponding BBCode.

📜Village population

The village population will now be displayed next to the active village name in the village view.

📜Text clarification for warehouses and granaries

When you open a granary or warehouse, you’ll be able to see the current capacity of the village in its granaries, great granaries, warehouses, and great warehouses.