Overview: Quality of Life update with lots of interface improvements, as well as fixes for alliance profile line breaks and building with video.

🆕 Changes:

This update introduces the first Quality of Life changes. As there are a lot of them, we prepared a separate blog article describing them in detail.

Quality of Life changes, parallel sessions for duals and sitters, oases changes and much more.

Other changes:

TL-11432 Attacking and defeating weak allied units will not bring points for the offensive ranking anymore. We explained more about this in a separate article.

TL-11424 Improved layout of the bulk forwarding page. It’s now clearer when used with a lot of units. The columns were merged and there is more space for units in each line, and the summary shows units of different tribes in separate lines.

TL-11090 Tooltips shown over buildings and resource fields were reworked. In addition to the information about cost of upgrade, there is information about the upgrade duration.

TL-604 Implemented nicer icons for the game pages, which are used in places like browser bookmarks, this especially affect iOS and Android devices.

TL-11580 Buttons in various places in the game were reworked. This includes ignore toggle button in the other players profiles and resource production selection in the hero attributes page.

TL-11579 Filter names in auctions were adjusted to use the same names as the hero equipment slots.

TL-11277 The grand and mysterious tribe of Natars has become even more majestic.

🛠️ Bugfixes:

Only on gameworlds with the new combat system:
TL-11610 Scouting an occupied oasis showed incorrect amount of resources, as if the oasis was still unoccupied. It will show the amount that can be plundered, based on what’s in the connected village.

All gameworlds:
TL-11413 Editing alliance profile would remove all line breaks from the description. This has been fixed.

TL-11594 Using the video option to build something will no longer add 2 levels of that building to the queue.

TL-11386 Fixed an issue with accounts registered with email addresses.

TL-11614 Fixed an issue where it was not possible to change the favourite tab in the Treasury.

TL-11611 Fixed an issue with alliance options being available to players without the correct rights. Such players were still not able to actually use those options, but now they won’t be able to open those pages at all.

TL-11543 Sitters no longer have access to Specialization and Note buttons of the alliance. Those buttons were previously active, even though they didn’t work for sitters.

TL-11620 Fixed an issue in a player profile page, where part of a button to invite player to an alliance was not clickable.

TL-11493 Fixed an issue where the game would delete all reports if the player was trying to delete a report that does no longer exist.

TL-11434 Arrival time in bulk forward preview will no longer ignore time zone settings.

TL-11599 Opening a direct link to an in-game message as a sitter without the rights to read messages will no longer display an error in German. No, you still won’t be able to actually read messages without permission.

TL-11561 Fixed an issue in Chrome, where clicking some parts of the game (for example hero health bar) would display black outlines around that element.

TL-11560 Using mouse scroll on the map to zoom out when the map was already at maximum zoom out level would switch to 100% zoom instead. It will no longer be possible.

TL-11585 Tooltips on units pictures in training buildings (like barracks) were duplicated and fighting over space. Only one tooltip survived the battle.

⏲️ Rollout plan (No Downtime)

24.11 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 — Asia
24.11 ~ 12:03 UTC+0 — International

25.11 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 — Arabics, Europe
25.11 ~ 12:03 UTC+0 — NL, CL, CZ, DE

28.11 ~ 10:03 UTC+0 — IT, America
28.11 ~ 12:03 UTC+0 — Finals

°Excluding the gameworlds listed separately.