Beginner’s Protection – Google’s Most Asked Questions about Travian: Legends

Hello again! Last time we talked I had a blast sharing and highlighting some of the amazing things you said about the Spartans when they were first introduced into Travian: Legends. If you have no idea what I am talking about, or even what this column called Beginner’s Protection is about, please take a look at this.

For this second edition, however, I am trying something a little bit different.

As the newbie I am, I regularly have a ton of questions about Travian: Legends. When this happens, there are a couple ways to go about finding answers:

  1. The team has put together the Knowledge Base – a platform full of useful information for new and also advanced players. Easy to read and keeps being updated regularly!
  2. Our Discord server is a great place to hang out with other players, mods and knowledgeable Community Managers: all are ready and willing to help you along the way!
  3. We have published a series of videos tackling a variety of game-related topics. Head right over to our YouTube channel to check it out!
  4. Finally, there is, of course, one of the most powerful sources of knowledge available on the planet: Google.

That last thought led me to come up with the idea for Vol. 2 of Beginner’s Protection: Google’s most asked questions about Travian: Legends (What do you think about this glamourous long title?).

Google’s search history is long, so, I will only be focusing on a couple of results. To obtain these, I simply started typing up the beginning of a question until I was able to have a good and coherent match. Let’s go!

About the type of game

What type of game is Travian: Legends?

Quite a question to answer for a newbie, heh? Well, I’ll do my best!To begin with, this is an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) kind of game, where both strategy and cooperation are paramount. At first glance, it won’t look like it, but communication with your team is of great importance here. You can play solo, of course, but from what I’ve seen the game experience changes and improves everything when you are playing together with a team (an alliance). Travian: Legends also features some elements found in most real-time strategy games: gathering resources, improving your buildings, and training an army. Keep in mind that Travian: Legends takes very seriously the real-time aspect of it: here every second matters. Depending on the server set up you are playing on, the winning conditions will vary, but overall, let’s say that the players who manages their time, villages and resources better will prevail over the rest.

Did I nail the definition?

About the tribes

Which is Travian: Legends’ best tribe?

Well, this question is kind of a curve ball. Each tribe offers unique advantages (and weaknesses) over the rest. One thing is for sure: units’ battle parameters are not everything. Check out what all tribes have to offer, try them out, experiment… see what suits your strategy best. Some players stick loyally to a single tribe, while others rotate from time to time.

I could keep rambling on, but the Knowledge Base explains it better than I can.

About the calendar

When do new gameworlds start in Travian: Legends?

As a newcomer, you need to get used to the fact that different gameworlds start constantly. Signing up from the very beginning will definitely play a key role in your overall performance, so, you better keep an eye out for those release dates! Here are a couple of ways you can be up to date and never miss out on a gameworld start.

  • You can always check the upcoming gameworlds in our calendar 📅 
  • On a monthly basis we publish a video listing the full release of the gameworlds opening over the next month. You can save this playlist and never miss a date.
  • The community calendar is another handy way to be up to date —not only when it comes to the gameworld schedule, but also to keep track on what other community events are happening on Discord or read up on changelogs.
About the number of days one has to play

How long does a gameworld last in Travian: Legends?

The actual length of each gameworld will be determined by a combination of different factors, of which the server speed will be the most crucial one. In a nutshell, the max. number of days will vary as follows:

1x gameworld – 250 days

2x gameworld – 160 days

3x gameworld – 95 days

5x gameworld – 71 days

10x gameworld – 35.5 days

About PC playability

Can I play Travian: Legends on PC?

Yes, you can! As a browser-based game, you can play Travian Legends on your desktop computer or directly from your mobile. It runs on most web browsers, but we recommend playing it on Chrome’s latest version.

As a side note, the official app for Travian: Legends is still in the works. It’s coming, but you’ll have to bear with us on this one for a little longer. Here is the app’s latest status.

About Gold

How can I get Gold in Travian: Legends?

As with most games, you can buy Gold at any time within the game.

There are also a couple of alternative ways to earn it, though! Right off the bat, the Refer a friend program comes to mind. This program will grant you Gold based on the number of friends you were able to bring to the game and their performance, or you could become the most skilled in-game auctioneer and buy low to sell high; remember, Silver can be converted into Gold at a rate of 200 Silver for 1 Gold.

Lastly, one more way to receive free Gold is by participating in the frequent events run for the community on the official Discord server. Want to give it a shot?

About Legends vs. Kingdoms

What’s the difference between Travian: Legends and Travian Kingdoms?

While they share some of the gameplay mechanics, both are completely different games. Players have been arguing for quite some time about what sets them apart: is it the level of strategy, the sense of community, the art style, or its lore?

Probably it is a mix of everything…

About playing better

How to play Travian: Legends like a pro?

Another tough question… there is of course not a unique way of getting better at it. One thing I was told since I started my Travian: Legends journey, is to follow the advice of the people who have been playing for a looooooong time. They are sure to know a thing or two about the game.

The best and fastest way to interact with other players is through our official Discord server. If you have a burning question and need a quick answer, just head over to the channel “ask-the-players”. And if you don’t know your way around Discord, then I suggest you start with this useful guide.

We have a series of videos called “Ask Travian”, where we tackle an interesting blend of topics: from in-game knowledge to behind-the-scenes stuff. The series comprises about 40 episodes, so take your time and watch all of them.

Another idea is to be up to date with the latest changes made to the game. Travian: Legends is an ever-evolving MMO, with constant updates that will often affect your strategy to a certain extent. These updates are usually released once a month. We have a special place for them here on the blog.

Let’s not forget community-created stuff! There are a bunch of guides and tutorials on how to step up your game made by different content creators (on our blog and over the internet). But you probably already know all about those awesome players!

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