The Tournament Finals 2022 ~ Wildcard raffle, prizes and keys!

The most glorious fight of the year –⚔️The Tournament Finals 2022⚔️ – starts on November, 3rd, 2022! The teams are already gathering their forces and prepare intricate strategies and settling plans.

Did you miss the beginning of Qualification rounds, but you are sure that you have enough skills and stamina to rival the best of the best? Here is your chance to do that! Try your luck and win one out of 500 keys in our Wildcard Raffle! All you need to do is to leave your e-mail address on our Tournament page until October 23rd, 2022 (23:59 UTC+1).

Players, who successfully went through Qualification stage and earned their keys and prizes, as well as Wildcard Raffle winners will receive their keys and gold prizes during next week.

Get ready, the real battle is still ahead!

To the Wildcard Raffle