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Have you ever wondered how your life would play out as a villager in the world of Travian? Takes a Village is a social card game on Discord, where you step into the role of a villager, join different activities with the other villagers, grow the population, and win prizes!

The base game starts with three cards: Scout on a Mission, Villager Approaches, and Celebrations.

Two of these cards will be played weekly: Mondays and Thursdays. Some activities are time-sensitive, and the exact time of day each card is played will not be revealed beforehand.

Takes a Village cards

Takes a Village Cards

🏃 Scout on a Mission
A scout is dispatched from the Headquarters with a question the Travian: Legends team wishes to gather feedback on. These cards are your chance to impact game development, the player community, and the overall future of our services. Gold rewards are raffled between villagers with well-reasoned or insightful responses.

🎉 Celebrations
On occasion, celebrations are organized with an extravagant coin toss spectacle. Will you be one of the first villagers on the floor fighting for free gold coins?

🧍 Villager Approaches
If you have a question in mind about the game or anything related to the world of Travian and its history or future, why not reach out to the other villagers for their thoughts? You will find a simple form on Discord to fill out. If your question is approved for the TaV game, you will receive small gold vouchers to gift to your favorite answers. In addition, you will receive a Golden Apple Discord badge if your question reaches certain secret requirements. Spoiler: One of the requirements is to gather apples from the other villagers.

Popular Questions

How do I start playing Takes a Village?
Click here to join our Discord server. Once there, you will find a section for ‘Contests and Raffles.’ Takes a Village channel, and the game instructions are marked with an apple: #🍏|takes-a-village

Are TaV cards available only in English?
Yes. Sharing one common language helps keep the game simple and easy to follow for everyone. The card assets, your questions and responses, and the game instructions will all be in English.

The base game has three cards. Any plans for a DLC?
We are prepared to release new card sets depending on the game’s popularity. Keep playing the game and invite your friends to move into the village with you. New challenges may arise!

What type of prizes can I win?
We have bigger and smaller Gold vouchers budgeted for Takes a Village. The exact rewards are mentioned on each card.

What does the ‘well-reasoned response’ mean in Scout cards?
To be eligible to join the voucher raffle, you should put some thought behind your response. We gather these responses for a reason; inspiration and player insights help us improve your Travian: Legends experience. We might even use your response to help grow the player community via newsletters or social media channels.

What happens after I submit my Villager question?
Your question and Discord name will be sent to a private channel that no other player will see. If your question fits the game, it will be edited and turned into a card. You will be notified when the card will go into play, and you will receive small Gold vouchers to give out to your favorite responses. Since we play only one Villager Approaches card each week, there is a chance only the most entertaining or thought-provoking questions get released. Once your card reaches our secret requirements, you will receive an exclusive golden apple Discord badge and a voucher reward of 200 Gold.

Golden Apple

An apple for your thoughts?