Quality of Life Changes ~ What do we plan?

Mid-fall is soon upon us. So, it’s time to tell you about some Quality of Life content we have recently been working on and are planning to implement in the coming months.

Please note: Even though we absolutely aim to implement all these exciting changes, we can’t give you exact information yet about when exactly they will appear in the game, nor in which order.

So, keep an eye out for upcoming changelogs. Maybe you’ll find some of them already in the next one? 😉

What’s planned?

There’ll be loads of changes in various categories that aim to improve the user interface, increase the intuitiveness of specific actions, freshen up the game texts, and generally make your time spent in the game more enjoyable.

📜Village overview changes 

The Travian Plus village overview feature will receive lots of improvements.

New group: resources

The “Warehouse” tab will be combined into one category: “Resources.” The combined tab will keep displaying the current resources in each village and the occupied capacity of the warehouse and granary. Moreover, there will be two new sub-tabs: “Hourly Production” will display the hourly production for each resource per village, and “Capacity” will display the current warehouse and granary capacity for each village.

New information: queue lengths

The new “Training” sub-tab in the village overview will show queue lengths for all buildings, including the hospital, great barracks, and great stables. This tab will be next to the “Hospital” tab in the “Troops” category. 

📜Marketplace uplift

Following the trade routes overhaul, the other marketplace tabs will also be improved.

  • Merchant capacity will be displayed in all relevant places where it might be needed.
  • A new pop-up will appear for sending and offering resources on the marketplace.
  • The predicted income of resources will be displayed.
  • The outgoing and incoming merchants overview and the number of deliveries will be improved.

📜Improving farming and raiding actions

Farming and raiding actions in the game will also receive an update.

  • A new tooltip will display the last time a specific farm list was used.
  • No more meticulous calculations! Scout reports will show the total sum of raidable resources directly in the scout report.
  • So, finding nice oases with many animals will be easier. A new tooltip will display information about the animals when you mouse over the oasis.
  • Last but not least! One button to rule them all! A new button will be added on top of all farm lists, making it possible to launch them at once!

📜Parallel actions for sitters and duals

Everyone who plays with duals or active sitters knows this feeling all too well. When you do specific actions in one village, and your dual suddenly makes a change, this leads to missed sending times, granaries overflowing, and other mishaps. After this feature is implemented, the active village will be saved per session. In other words, multiple people can manage the account simultaneously without disturbing each other! 

📜Miscellaneous changes

Village population

The village population will now be displayed next to the active village name in the village view.

Text clarification for warehouses and granaries

When you open a granary or warehouse, you’ll be able to see the current capacity of the village in its granaries, great granaries, warehouses, and great warehouses.

Battle simulation for alliance reports (scout and combat)

With Travian Plus active, players can simulate not only their own reports but also alliance reports. This will include attack, defense, and scout reports.