Let’s reach 25K! 

Congratulations, together as a community you managed to reach 12’500 views on our awesome Travian: Glory of Sparta Trailer.

How do you feel about doubling the prize? Sounds good? We thought so!
Don’t worry, the first round of prizes is secured and will be sent out as promised in the first Announcement.
You all did so well, let’s try to reach 25,000 views and we will reward it with another 20 Ointments and another 20 Scrolls!

Event conditions:

Start and End-time: From now, until the Goal has been reached.
Goal to be reached: 25’000 views on the Travian: Glory of Sparta Trailer
Prize if goal is reached: 20 Ointments and 20 Scrolls for each player
When will the prizes be sent out: The rewards will be sent at our earliest opportunity once the goal has been reached.
Who can win the prize: All players registered on all Travian: Glory of Sparta Gameworlds at the time of send out.

Clean your YouTube glasses and head on over to the Trailer!

“Spartans never retreat! Spartans never surrender! Go spread the word.” — King Leonidas, 300