International 39 (PTR) (x3) Start Information ~ 13.10.2022

A new Public Test Realm is about to start on a 3x speed! We invite you to join the testing fun and work on making the game better.

This time we prepared something special for all of you to help you with the testing process! All players will receive 300 start gold instead of usual 130!


General information about the game world:
Start Date
Start Time
10:00 UTC+1
Start Gold
300 Gold
T4.6 Legends (5 Tribes)
Map Size
GTL Inbound/Outbound
Only possible to transfer within this gameworld or to the next PTR Gameworld*
Double amount of gold when purchasing gold*
Friends recruit friends
Not possible
3x speed
Beginners protection length
3 days
Beginners protection can be prolonged
3 days
Artifacts setup
Construction plans setup
Natars complete building WW
What is a PTR gameworld?

PTR means “Public Test Realm” and is a server used to test patches/new features before we release them on live servers. Please, keep in mind that some updates might appear there before the official announcement. The gold is doubled for the same price in the shop, but keep in mind that you can transfer gold only within this gameworld. Our dev team are doing their best to keep releases as stable as possible from the very beginning, but there is still some risk of some stability issues or a rollback.

What are we testing?

With this PTR we are testing a Combat Subsystem. This means we would ask you to pay close attention to all combat you are testing and submit tickets to the Customer Service if you encounter anything out of the ordinary.

Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the fight is right to come!

Your Travian: Legends Team