CHANGELOG – Release 1759.3

Overview: Reintroduced limit of outgoing troop movements, fixed reinforcements display and more.

🆕 Changes:

Only on new starting gameworlds starting after November 1st 2022
TL-11117 – A limit of outgoing movements of troops was reintroduced. You can only have a maximum of 20000 outgoing raids and attacks in your account in total. We decided to reintroduce this limit, as top players farm more and more, even to the point where it was causing lag in their Rally Point.

Implemented on current running gameworlds per the rollout plan below.
TL-11257 – We added an option “show confirmation when deleting multiple reports” in preferences, so it is possible to re-enable this confirmation dialogue after disabling it.

🛠️ Bugfixes:

TL-11488 – Enemy spies managed to sow distrust among the alliance members and caused the troops coming as reinforcements to stop announcing their numbers. That was unnecessary and from now on you will again be able to see the exact amount of units coming in reinforcements from your alliance and confederacy. Note that this is still a plus account feature.

TL-11486 – Some of the features disabled for sitters didn’t have tooltips explaining this. We added them.

TL-11476 – A tooltip on “ok” button on a pop-up shown after watching a video was broken. It has been fixed.

TL-11514 – Cancelling an upgrade of a building to level 2 while level 1 was still under construction was causing an error and was destroying the building completely. It has been fixed.

TL-11497 – Incoming reinforcements shown on the resource fields page are split into separate lines if one of them are troops gained from an adventure. Not anymore!

TL-11450 “Insults” were replaced with “Inappropriate content” in the list of reasons when reporting a message from another player. You can still use this option if you are insulted or harassed in the message.

⏲️ Rollout plan (No downtime)

19.10 ~ 10:03 (UTC+1) — International1, International8, International9

21.10 ~ 10:03 (UTC+1) — International°
21.10 ~ 12:03 (UTC+1) — Arabics

24.10 ~ 10:03 (UTC+1) — Asia, NL Schild, Hispano Eternos, CZSK, DE Wimpel
24.10 ~ 12:03 (UTC+1) — Europe

25.10 ~ 10:03 (UTC+1) — America

°Excluding gameworlds listed separately.