Hunt for the Pumpkin Scouts

Pumpkin Scout
Please don’t eat me! A wicked witch turned me into a pumpkin!


You hear maniacal laughter mixed with bouncing sounds. A wicked witch has turned an enemy scouting party into pumpkins! Look at them run and hide in fear of becoming pulp…

But as they say: When life gives you pumpkins, bake pies!
It is now time to organize a grand Halloween feast. Before we get to dine, we must hunt for the ingredients. And yes, there is a reward!

  • Three players who find the most Pumpkin Scouts in their hiding places will each be rewarded with 200 Gold.
  • To be eligible to win, the guess cannot be bigger than the actual number of Pumpkin Scouts.
  • If more players give the same answer, we will raffle the Gold between the closest answers.
  • All hiding locations are part of the content published in English.
  • You have until Halloween midnight, 31st of October.

To participate, please visit our Discord community.
We have a channel called 🎃|#pumpkin-scouts waiting for you there to type your answer.

Now then, where did we see those pumpkins bounce…

We’d wish you good luck, but since it is Halloween… Nah.
Your Travian: Legends Team

P.S. The Pumpkin Scout at the top counts as one of them found!