Spartan Marathon ~ “Where did the 30 cages come from?”

So, it happened.

The first in-game stretch goal – to settle 7500 villages on all Glory of Sparta worlds – was reached on the 18th of September. Congratulations!

All Travian: Glory of Sparta players have already received 30 cages in their hero inventory and can enjoy clearing oases and getting extra protection for their newly settled villages!

Are you ready to raise the bar and earn another prize? Let’s get right to it!

The next stretch goal is to settle a total of 35000 villages.

Once you have managed to settle 35000 villages on all Glory of Sparta gamerorlds (remember, Spartan villages get counted double), all Glory of Sparta players will receive 30 gold!

Best part about this in-game goal is that you do not need to do anything special: just keep developing your nice accounts, settle more villages and earn gold for the whole community!

Easy, right?

What about the other stretch goals?

The YouTube goal that we initially set was to gain 25000 views for our awesome Glory of Sparta Trailer. We found out though, that our warriors are more keen to spend more time on developing their shiny villages in the game rather than watching movies, so we decided to make some adjustments.

We will divide our YouTube goal into 2 steps:

  • 1st step – Reach 12500 views
  • 2nd step – Reach 25000 views

The reward for that hasn’t been changed: Each step of the Youtube goal will bring all Glory of Sparta players 20 Ointments and 20 Scrolls!

The Twitter stretch goal hasn’t started yet but will be announced soon!

Those who have missed this event and are curious what this is all about, here are some explanations:

What a stretch goal is and what needs to be done is explained ➡️ here.

You can look at the full overview of all our planned stretch goals ➡️ here.