Spartan Marathon ~ Build like a Spartan!

“The Spartans are the equal of any men when they fight as individuals;

fighting together as a collective, they surpass all other men.” — Demaratus, King of Sparta

Welcome to the in-game community challenge where you can prevail only by working together with others! Reach the Community Stretch goals*, by fighting shoulder to shoulder with your allies and building like a real Spartan! 

Settle villages and earn prizes for the whole Travian: Glory of Sparta community!

How it works:
  • The event starts September, 05th and lasts until you reach the goal.
  • In order to get the first prize, you need to settle 7500 villages, as a community, in all Travian: Glory of Sparta worlds.
  • The event considers only settled villages. Spartan villages count twice. Spawn villages, villages conquered from Natars or other players do not count
  • After the first goal has been reached, the next one will be announced. 
  • In total, there will be 3 in-game goals (settling villages) and numerous events around the game. 
  • For the first goal: 30 cages will be added to all hero inventories on Travian: Glory of Sparta gameworlds.
  • The second and third prizes will be announced, once the previous goal has been reached.
  • The prizes for any achieved goals will be sent out earliest Friday, September 16th 13:00 UTC+1 to all Travian: Glory of Sparta accounts registered by that date.
  • Should any of the goals be achieved later than that, the prizes will be added within 3 work days after the goal has been reached.

Hurry up and grab the rewards as soon as you can to speed up your game! Will you be able to reach all the goals by the end of September already?

Share your achievements in the dedicated channel and follow us on the blog.

What is a Community Stretch goal?

A Community Stretch Goal is, in short, a defined goal that can only be reached if the whole community participates. These can be a multitude of things, from reaching a specific number of views on a post in a specific amount of time, harvesting a specific number of resources, etc. The special thing about it is that the number that needs to be reached is too high for one person alone to reach. It means everyone in the community needs to participate and add their efforts to reach the set goal. It also means that everyone in that community (regardless of how much they participated) will receive a cool reward once the goal