Game changes ~ Artefacts are getting closer!

One of the critical milestones of every World Wonder gameworld is the battle for the artefacts. With some recent changes, the time has come to pay extra attention to this part of the game!

The artefact spawn feature has been reworked for all gameworlds that start after 18th September 2022.

As you know, artefacts in Travian: Legends appear in circles or, more precisely, spirals that stretch from the grey area to the outskirts of the map. To make this as clear as possible, the general foundation of this feature will not be changed. Artefacts will still be spawning in spirals.


The artefact spawning system has been adjusted to the small map size (401×401) instead of the big one (801×801). This change addressed some unwanted behavior of the artefact spawning. For example, due to the legacy that the big map left in the game code, some artefacts might have attempted to spawn outside the map area. Let’s say (250|0) and therefore consequently got wrapped around to (-151|0). This will no longer be possible. From now on, artefacts will always attempt to spawn inside map boundaries.

What else will change:
  • The new formula will better consider the density and population of a certain gameworld. That would mean that the higher and more stretched out the general population of a certain gameworld is, the more stretched the “artefact spirals” will be.
  • All in all, the artefacts are more likely to appear closer to the center of the map. However, the order and position of artefacts relative to each other will remain the same.
  • This change is applied only to artefacts and will not affect construction plans spawning.

All gameworlds that started before 18th September 2022 will still use the previous system of artefact spawning. The change is applied only to new gameworlds.