CHANGELOG – Release 1738.2

Overview: Improved trade routes management.

🆕 Changes:

New interface for trade routes in Marketplace. This includes a lot of smaller changes that make handling trade routes much better. There’s so much that we prepared a separate article explaining all the details, which can be found here.

TL-11329 Improved moving of multiple entries from one farmlist to another. Now if the target farmlist cannot accept all selected entries due to the limit, the game will still move as many entries as possible.

TL-11360 Improved bulk forwarding. In order to better handle bigger amounts of troops, we removed the pop-up window. Instead, normal game page will open.

🛠️ Bugfixes:

TL-11406 Combat simulator did not expect players to simulate spy “battles” against someone reinforced by animals and it was causing errors. It has been fixed.

TL-11346 Hiding the infobox messages with the toggle button did not mark them as read until you reloaded the pages. From now on clicking the button immediately marks the messages as read.

TL-11356 Hero status icon was incorrect if hero was travelling back from a village that was deleted. It has been fixed.

TL-11379 When reporting a player through their profile, the list of reasons included some options that should not be there. If you want to report insults that are in the player’s profile, use the option “inappropriate content”, please.

TL-11353 and TL-11352 A couple of issues were found that affected the statistics of military strength. Troops that were removed when the last village of the player was completely destroyed and troops removed when their home village was conquered, were still affecting the rankings. Both issues have been fixed.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)

05.10 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 — International1, International5, International6

07.10 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 — International°
07.10 ~ 12:03 UTC+1 — Arabics

10.10 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 — Asia
10.10 ~ 12:03 UTC+1 — Europe, Hispano Eternal, CZSK, NL Schild

11.10 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 — America

°Excluding the gameworlds listed separately.

**Translations coming soon