Spartan Marathon

An army is only strong if it works together, and the same is true for the upcoming Community Stretch Goals, which we have prepared for you. Strap on your sandals and make sure your chitōn is bound tight; it’s time for some races!

It’ll take all of you to reach the special goals we have prepared, as you’ll unlock some awesome rewards once they are complete! These special rewards will be sent out or unlocked to everyone playing on the new Travian: Glory of Sparta gameworlds.

We suggest you keep an eye on all announcements posted under the name “Spartan Marathon” in  the following days and weeks, so you don’t miss anything about the upcoming three Community Stretch Goals.

You can expect to read about the first Community Stretch Goal on Friday, the 2nd of September, and the second Community Stretch Goal at the start of the first gameworld on Monday, the 5th of September.

And to all scouts out there, once you join the Travian: Glory of Sparta gameworlds, you should look around. You might find a sneak peek of the ultimate prize that can be unlocked for all players on the Travian: Glory of Sparta gameworlds if you reach the final Stretch Goal.

What is a Community Stretch Goal?

A Community Stretch Goal is, in short, a defined goal that can only be reached if the whole community participates. These can be many things, from reaching a specific number of views on a post within a particular time, harvesting an exact number of resources, etc. The unique thing about it is that the number you need to achieve is often too high for one person alone. It means everyone in the community needs to participate and contribute their efforts to reach the set goal. It also means that everyone in the community (regardless of how much they participated) will receive an awesome reward once the goal is reached.

Spartans! Prepare for glory! (King Leonidas, 300)