Interview with Polaris – Artefact key master!


D&D alliance member

Polaris with his account Cement Mixer and his Team, D&D, managed to achieve a great performance holding 27 artefacts on one single account! This achievement was made on International 20, Round 2!

Q – Hi Polaris, thank you for this interview. Could you present yourself to the Community?

Hello! My name is Joel, but I go by Polaris in-game. I’ve been playing Travian since 2009 when a college friend introduced me to Travian. I mostly played on the US regional x1 servers for three years, including one of my more memorable accounts, Elmo (US1 in 2012), with the Hugs & Kisses Ally – the first server that Natars won in that Domain. I took a few years of a break after that server and I came back to Travian during the start of the pandemic in 2020. Since then I’ve played both x1 and x2 servers with a variety of groups.

Q – You managed to achieve an incredible and unique performance, was this planned by yourself and your alliance?

It was not planned at all. We had a good artefact showing and were able to grab what we wanted. In the end, I ended up with Large Boots for my druid def mobility, and during offensive ops, we needed heroes to pick up enemy artefacts — our account ended up being the fastest hero to follow and just picked up artefacts when zeroing or stealing. So we started to accumulate them. Near plan drop, we had about seven artefacts and started joking around that we needed all the small confusion artefacts on the server. That turned into a joking comment made by Loffe where I should just get artefacts in every village. That gave the alliance hammers something to do, so by the end of the server, we had stolen enough artefacts for me to have 27/27.

Q – Great performance! What could your next achievement be for your alliance and yourself?

To be honest, I’m not sure. My life outside of Travian is massively changing in the next few months with the arrival of my first kid, so I will likely help out some friends on their accounts in the future.

Q – What do you like about Travian right now and what would you change if you could?

I personally like 5 tribe servers, so I would make all servers 5 tribes. Regarding improvements, I would go back to make all resources routable to artefacts.

Thank you Polaris for this interview! You can check D&D victory here!

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