CHANGELOG – Release 1686.3

Overview: The game will automatically detect your time-zone when you register a new account.

🆕 Changes:
TL-11232 We revised the list of timezones in settings and implemented automatic timezone detection. When you first login to a newly registered account, the game will automatically detect your browser’s timezone and set it in game. You can change this to any other timezone, including the server’s timezone, in the settings.

🛠️ Bugfixes:

TL-10978 Fixed an issue with hero adventure and attributes pages not being accessible when hero is on the way. Again.

TL-11230 Fixed an issue with a task to achieve a certain production of culture points not being properly triggered if you fulfilled the demand by conquering a village.

TL-11235 Offers that have a “max travel time” limit set lower than required for merchants of both sides are no longer shown in “Buy” tab of the marketplace.

TL-11220 Fixed an issue in the recent reports list shown on the map. In some languages the word “today” marking reports from the current day was replaced unnecessarily with a full date. Except for French, due to the word “today” length. (

TL-11249 Fixed an issue where the “Delete all reports” confirmation popup would only show once.

TL-11172 Huns, Egyptians and Spartan icons are now usable as BB-code properly on gameworlds with the new hero interface.

TL-11233 Opening hero inventory was causing some unnecessary load. It has been optimized and should be faster.

TL-11243 The forgotten names of Wonder of the Worlds will be displayed in the ranking for everyone to see and admire. Previously villages names where shown there, incorrectly.

TL-11194 Fixed BB Codes with negative coordinates in messages and notes.

TL-11156 Fixed the buttons to insert resource, smiley or troops icons in the profile edit page.
This update also includes a few last minute fixes and improvements for Glory of Sparta.

⏲️ Rollout plan (No Downtime)

24.08 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 — International3, International4, International5

26.08 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 — Asia
26.08 ~ 12:03 UTC+1 — Arabics, NL Schild

29.08 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 — TR Alpler, International°
29.08 ~ 12:03 UTC+1 — Europe, Hispano Eternal, CZSK

30.08 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 — America
30.08 ~ 12:03 UTC+1 — Tournament servers

°Excluding the gameworlds listed separately.