Travian: Weekend Warrior ~ test gameworld

We have received feedback from a part of the Community that Travian: Legends requires too much of their time to play a full round. To address this, we developed the Weekend Warrior version of the game and are testing this special Travian: Legends concept on a test server which allows the game to fit better in playersโ€™ lives while still offering great strategy gameplay.ย ย 

What do we want to achieve with this test?ย 

We wish to offer diversified gameplay to choose from to players, so they can make a choice in function of their available time. Everyone should be able to play and enjoy Travian: Legends while still having a busy everyday life including family and work time. Our goal is to reach out to these players who didnโ€™t have time to play and offer this new entertaining experience.ย ย 

If you enjoy the classic gameplay of Travian: Legends the way it currently is, do not worry as it is not our intention to change our normal servers with features from this special server concept.ย 

I want to participate! How can I do that?ย 

You can join our test gameworld right now. Just click on the button below that will redirect you to our Weekend Warrior page:

Weekend Warrior

Please take into account this is a test server and we expect participants to offer feedback through surveys in order to improve this concept and make it an interesting and enjoyable experience in the future.ย 

Where can I learn more about the Weekend Warrior gameplay?ย 

You can find the details of the game mechanics here.ย 

Stay tuned for more Weekend Warrior news!

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