Travian: Glory of Sparta ~ Spartan tribe-specific buildings


As most of you have already guessed from the silhouette, the unique Spartan building is the Temple of Medicine – the Asclepeion.

Asclepeion was named after a famous healer of ancient times – Asclepius. According to the myth, Asclepius was a demi-god, son of Apollo, and a very skilled doctor. His healing powers were so strong that he could even raise people from the dead. We do not know whether this is just a myth, but the Spartans seemed to believe this completely. Instead of hospitals, they, therefore, build Asclepeions in their settlements.

What we can say for sure is that 60% of the units that fall in battle return to the Asclepeion as wounded troops, while in hospitals this number is just 40%.

Apart from the increased percentage of wounded troops that return to the Asclepeion, all other building parameters are the same as a regular hospital.

If you are unsure how exactly healing works in the game, please visit our page here.

Spartan Wall

Since our very first Spartan announcement, the question of whether or not Spartans would have walls was a topic of endless discussion. We admit and recognize the Spartan pride about not having walls, but we cannot leave our players’ Spartan villages unprotected in the harsh distant lands of Travian: Glory of Sparta. Spartans in our game will have a wall.

  • Name: Defensive Wall.
  • Base: 10 defensive points per level
  • Durability: 2
  • Defensive bonus: 2%

For the wall characteristics of other tribes, please check here.

Merchant capacity

It’s hard to deny, Spartans were warriors, not traders. Therefore, Spartan merchants can carry only 500 resources at a speed 14 fields/hour. Not great, but still better than nothing, right?

If you want to compare those parameters with other the merchant capacity of other tribes, you can have a look here.

And now, a small gift awaits you below to those curious about how the Spartan buildings will look in-game!

Travian: Glory of Sparta