Travian: Glory of Sparta ~ Full feature set

The lands were still asleep. The huge fir trees of the north, the endless deserts of the south, the vast grasslands of the east, and the picturesque villages of the west, hidden between the mountains – everything was covered by mist and silence, the two real kings that reigned here.

Shepherds were the first who noticed when the morning mist began to clear, and they collected their flocks. The world had changed. The new war began. The new tribe was finally here.

Would the Spartans become the new leaders of the Travian world, or would the old tribes resist invasion?

Only time would tell.

The Travian: Glory of Sparta scenario is just around the corner, and we want you to be fully prepared for it! That’s why we have gathered all the details that are different from your typical Travian: Legends experience. Read the article and find out all about the new scenario!

New tribe – Spartans

If you followed us since the beginning, you are already aware about the arrival of the new tribe –  the Spartans. What do we know about them?

Spartans undergo long training, which makes Spartan units strong and enduring. This tribe comes to their full force by the mid-late game, and their unique building – the Asclepeion – allows them to recover faster from the losses that are inevitable in the battles of Travian. The Spartan army excels most when accompanied by the hero with the unique abilityand a proper weapon.

Here’s a list of articles where you can read detailed information about the Spartans.

Even though the new tribe is a huge event and will undoubtedly make the game experience more enjoyable, this is only part of the extensive list of changes we have prepared!

What will stay?

Travian: Glory of Sparta will inherit the traditional features of other annual special scenarios, including the European map with 87 conquerable regions, victory points stored in villages, the mechanics of keeping tribes on conquest, and a city feature. However, we’ve also prepared some other fascinating changes.

Map changes

Ancient powers switch positions

Travian: Glory of Sparta comes with a refreshed map. The ancient powers have moved position, so the usual paths won’t work anymore. It’s time for new strategies!

See here for a refreshed map and explore new paths and opportunities that this new setting brings to the game.

New map and a spawn order can be found here.

~ Decentralised spawning

Another big change concerns decentralized spawning. Instead of spawning in the center, there will be 4 spawning positions on the map, one for each quadrant. The regions around the spawn site will be unlocked in a certain order. Only once all spawn sites of the first region are filled will the villages start spawning in the next region.

The order in which regions will be unlocked for each quadrant – north-west, south-west, north-east and south-east – can be found here.

Quality of life changes

The new annual special comes with several quality of life changes based on popular suggestions from the community.

~ Bulk forwarding

Bulk forwarding lets you forward multiple troop groups. A new button “Bulk forward” is added to the Rally Point. It opens a screen where you can insert destination coordinates, select which groups of troops and which units you want to move, and send them in one go.

You’ll be able to see the arrival time of each group, the combined consumption of forwarded troops, and an overview of how many troops of each type you are forwarding, and you can adjust them according to your needs.

~ Forward home

Almost everyone who has played an annual special before and defended knows that feeling: You forward reinforcements back to your settlement and some groups just don’t go. Instead, you see the annoying error message: “Troops cannot be forwarded to the owner. Please use the ‘Send back link’ to return them.”

From now on, clicking on the “Forward” link, in this case, will work as the “Send back” order without any extra steps.

Management of fake attacks

With this annual special, we are also implementing two changes based on the most popular requests from the community that addresses “the issue of fake attacks with one-unit farm lists” and similar behavior.

~ Visibility of alliance list attacks

The alliance member list will now only show attacks and raids where the number of incoming troops is bigger than the Rally Point level.

In other words, if the Rally Point of the target village is level 20, all attacks and raids with less than 20 units won’t be displayed on the alliance page.*

Moreover, the number of attacks and raids will be shown separately.

*An active Eagle Eyes ancient power effect will not have an impact on this visibility.

~ Visibility of village list attacks (Travian Plus feature)

Attacks marked with a green dot in the Rally Point will no longer be shown as swords in the village list.

Please note: These are two separate features. If a player marks a green attack with a sufficient number of troops in their Rally Point, the red swords will disappear from their village list but will still be counted on the alliance page.


~ Watchtower

In Travian: Glory of Sparta, the Watchtower will no longer add visibility for incoming troops. Instead, developing the Watchtower will add a defense bonus to the walls, amounting to 1% per level. The other parameters of the Watchtower will not change and can be found here.

And that’s a wrap! Do you have questions regarding the feature, and would you like to know more details? Ask your questions and share your feedback about Travian: Glory of Sparta in our dedicated Discord channel!

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