Travian: Glory of Sparta ~ Closed beta

Save the date! The closed beta for Travian: Glory of Sparta begins Monday, 1st August 2022 at 13:00 UTC+1.

This year’s Annual Special –🏺Travian: Glory of Sparta🏺 – features the new Spartan tribe and lots of fascinating gameplay changes. We know that many alliances are already creating plans and strategies, and the time has come to test those for real before the gameworld starts!

Continuing the tradition, we will introduce the Spartans on a closed beta gameworld.

🏺Closed beta? What does that mean?

Closed beta means that you need to get a special key to register on this gameworld. Without a key, registration on this gameworld will not be possible. Don’t worry, though! You will have many opportunities to get one of the keys and enter the closed beta!

🏺Where can I get a key?

You can get a key in 3 different ways:

~ Special closed beta key raffle

Around 600 keys will be distributed in a special raffle. To participate in the raffle, click the button below, insert your email, and get a chance to receive a key!

To the raffle

~ Discord and social media events

This week and next, we will organize various activities on Discord and social media to give everyone interested in the new tribe a chance to get a key. So follow us on Discord and Social media, and do not miss the opportunity to get one of the keys!

The first activity where you can get a chance starts today, 19th July, at 18:00 UTC+1 on a Tuesday Mystery Discord channel! Join the event and become one of the first to try the legendary Spartans live!

Tuesday Mystery

~ Local community channels

Each Community Manager will organize a closed beta key giveaway. Follow the news of your local community and participate in the events! Be sure to join Discord, react with your flag on the message in “Pick your language channel,” and enjoy being a part of your community!

Join your community

Don’t wait too long! The number of keys is limited.

*UPD. The Closed beta will go on a 2x speed.