CHANGELOG – Release 1630.2

Overview: Rally Point incorrect filtering/sorting and other bugs fixed.

🆕 Changes

TL-11000 Various pop-ups will open slightly faster.

TL-10441 In the past, when the game was finished, all players accounts were technically banned. This will not happen anymore. However, certain actions will be blocked as before.

🛠️ Bugfixes:

TL-11070 Outgoing troops sorting by time sent was sorting the other way around. This is fixed.

TL-10930 Fixed filter to sort outgoing troops descending, which was disabled after changing to another page of the list or using filters for reinforcements/attacks.

TL-11063 Fixed an unwanted line break that was added between every icon or medal in in-game messages and profiles.

TL-10975 Fixed unwanted line breaks between medals in the alliance profiles.

TL-11045 When creating an alliance and the selected name was unavailable, the game would reload the page without any error message. This is fixed.

TL-10828 In color blind mode red elements are replaced with blue. However, this didn’t work properly in some cases. Now it’s fixed.

TL-10806 In some rare cases sitter restriction behaved incorrectly due to wrong counting of the days without the owner login. This is fixed.

TL-11075 Updated Stone Wall’s description to reflect that its durability is not the same as the Earth Wall.

TL-10431 Removed Task Master’s notification showing up even when there was no reward left to collect in the village, in New Year Special.

TL-10991 Troop icons dropdown overlapped with other interface elements when expanded in the in-game forum. Not anymore.

TL-4252 When artefact of the fool has an effect affecting troops consumption 2 or more times in a row, the consumption will be properly adjusted immediately at the end of each period.

TL-10439 Fixed missing scrollbars in certain places when using Edge or Chrome.

TL-9532 Auctions page will no longer reload automatically when an auction finishes.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)

08.07 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 — International7, International3, International20

12.07 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 — International°
12.07 ~ 12:03 UTC+1 — Arabics, NL Schild

13.07 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 — Asia, TR Alpler
13.07 ~ 12:03 UTC+1 — Europe, Hispano Eternal, CZSK, Balkans United

14.07 ~ 10:03 UTC+1 — America
14.07 ~ 12:03 UTC+1 — Tournament

°Excluding the gameworlds listed separately.