STONG – When Travian can create very beautiful human adventures

I want to write this post about our team on the International 30 (3x) server for one reason :
Show that Travian can create beautiful things through a simple game: to ensure that players from all walks of life, from different cultures, all ages (19 years old to 65 years old) can play together with a single goal: fair play, team spirit & implementing their skills.


STONG alliance announced its arrival via the alliance card published on the blog which aimed to attract competition to the server.

Half of the players knew each other from having played together before in different alliances. The other half joined after being introduced by one of the former players and then having an interview with Mustafa. All the players have a very strong team spirit and the desire to respect the rules. These were the non-negotiable conditions for acceptance.
Our goal was: fun and fair play (no tech account, no fake def points, no fake off points).
No matter whether we win or not, the first aim is: play in a good spirit with only our skill but all our skill, make ops and ……… we will see what happens!


For second villages,ย  the decision was to settle in the two northern quadrants, and then to take over all the competition in those quadrants.

It required tons of def ops and offs ops, here is the map at the end of the round:

We went on ops very often, and we were hit very often too, so we have tons of reports.
There is a great atmosphere of trust and respect between all of us, so we all shared getter plans and the ops channels, no secrets.
Trust and respect are the keys to success.
Each one makes its best to satisfy ops requirements, sometimes there are fails, then our Wall-of-Shame channel is never empty.
I can say that there were fails about 2 or 3 times a week, we used them to become better and to laugh nicely and friendly at the one who made a mistake:


For the artefact day and the BP day, we planed everything days before to reach our goals.

For the artefact day, the goal was: take half the artefacts

We took 4 unique artefacts on D-Day, and we almost succeeded to take half of the others on the same day.
We stole some later.

For the Building Plan day the goal was: catch them all in 45 minutes (yeah, we play pokemon).

Everything was calculated and prepared a few days before with this goal in mind. We failed by not much: we got 12 BP out of the 13, in 35 minutes. We missed the 13th one.
You can be sure that the one who missed the 13th shot had his place on the wall of shame channel with some friendly comments ^^
We did our best, but Mustafa will say “no coz we don’t have 13”.
12 Bp in 35 minutes is the record in Travian History.


About the WW race

For the Wonder of the World (WW) race, we didn’t put too many def troops at the beginning.
We received WWk + WWr that made our WW go down to zero, we went up little by little. F.S was laughing at us, thinking we lacked def … but they didn’t know we didn’t send too much at the beginning… Let’s see what happened.
On the Bp-day, the F.S alliance had no BP. However, we got betrayed and they managed to get one without fighting.
We were not happy at all, we made ops on the F.S WW account: stole their architect artefact, destroyed their great storage in the WW village, and then zeroed it. The day after, we made another op, and destroyed 2 other great storage: it was finished for them.
For us it was time to give our def on the WW a very big boost, we sent almost everything we kept in reserve.
We hit storage on another WW (alliance V) so they were blocked to upgrade their WW, and then we were sure to win.
We waited for the last level of our WW to send our last WWk to hit the last wonders still standing.
So here was the last day of the server:

Def on our WW at the end: 30 millions def.

The alliance was divided 50-50 between off and def accounts.
Among def accounts, the last day:
3 had more than 2 million def units (1 Gaul, 2 Egyptians), 5 had more than 1 million (4 Egyptians, 1 Huns), and others had between 400 k to 1 million.
The alliance was very talkative, and some games were created (trivia games) on evenings for animation.
The best way to explain how talkative we were can be found in this picture from our spam channel: it’s only the spam channel…:


Some statistics at the end

Top Record in alliance population – Travian 4.6 for 3x servers: 1.532.945.

Top record in off points – Travian 4.6 for 3x servers: 48.392.358.

Top record in def points – Travian 4.6 for 3x servers: 48.475.179.

Artefacts at the end:

9 building plans ;

Slight artefacts: 1 architect ; 2 speed boots ; 4 eyes ; 2 diet ; 2 trainers ; 1 storage ; 5 fools ;

Large artefacts: 2 architects ; 3 speed boots ; 3 eyes ; 2 diet ; 1 trainers ; 2 storage ; 1 confusion ;

Unique artefacts: all them (7).


Now, let’s some people speak about their round

Here is the link to the video Phyzie made:ย  video about STONG by Phyzie

Then you will be able to find all the videos he made.

Here are the questions asked to some of our members:

Hello, you were a STONG member, how did you meet them the first time? What’s your account this round and your personal goal? What’s your role in STONG? Let’s finish with your feelings about the team and the round.

(they all gave their agreement to publish their answers).

Marco from Ennemy account

Hey Lydie! So:

1 – I met them in the previous round. I spawn next to the Lemon’s account and I met FNUG. They took me in and helped me. I ended up joining the ally and meeting Mustafa and the rest of the gang.
2 – In this round, I played on the Ennemy account. I didn’t have any duals to play with, so Mustafa paired me with Jay and Tapsa. It was awesome. Safe to say I found my duals now. Regarding my personal goals, I always find myself improving on each round, and this wasn’t different. I feel a much better player now and I know I still have a lot to learn. I also wanted, specifically, to learn about ops and planning from Mustafa. It was great that I had the opportunity to do so.
3 – I’m not sure about any specific role. I just try to learn and to help as much as I can. My hopes are to be a good leader in the future.
4 – I love playing alongside STONG teammates. For me, it’s not truly about winning the round (even though I like that part), it’s about meeting new people and having a lot of fun. And I’ve done that for sure. So I’m very happy.

Aaryanv from RamRanch account

My first interaction with STONG’s members (known as Berry back then) was years back on a Path to Pandora server but I lost contact later since I didn’t use to play Travian seriously at the time. Also, I was a kid back then, so I didn’t really use to interact with others in chats. I usually play in an alliance called LF where Lemon and some other STONG members came to play an international round with us. There were some talks about merging our alliances after the round which resulted in me being here today.
I played on Ram Ranch’s account as an Egyptian defender while holding the WW this round with STONG. Our goals (my duals and I) this round were to get top pop and make one of the best defensive accounts. We accomplished our goal of getting top pop, even getting into the top 10 biggest accounts of all time in 3x servers.
As for my thoughts about the team, it is one of the best teams I’ve ever played with. I met lots of good players, whom I would like to play with in the future. I liked the frequent ops we did, it was fun to see accounts losing 20+ villages in one night. The round was a fairly easy one even with all alliances being against us, as we destroyed all our enemies and even blew up their world wonders. It’s tough to find decent competition these days when you play in a good team. We set quite some records this round as an ally being top 1 pop/attackers and 2nd place in defenders (1st place held by the same ally from another round) of V4.6. It was overall a nice experience.

De Vi King from Teardrop account


How did I meet them? At first, I didn’t know with who I was gonna play this round. Bart asked me to play on a chill def account and as I played so much with him before and was feeling like one more chill server I said yes.
Then I asked Mustafa if I could be added to the chat and this is how Efe contacted me to join us (I knew him from LF). Then also Rozi, Timon, and later on Ariana and Emmerson were added to the team.
I was on the account Teardrop, and as I said before we wanted to start a chill account which turned out into a really big one, with lots of farming, etc.
My role on this server within Stong was just an account owner. Which joined ops and def calls.
My feeling about the server is good! It was a wonderful round with lots of ops carried out by us which I really liked. Unfortunately, it turned out to be an easy win for us with the WW.
A shame the Arab alliance had to fake points in order to get first place on def, which we really did our best for.
It was hard to beat Egyptians in def points once they started their Slave spam but we managed which is satisfying.
Mintan from Heads Will Roll account

Hi Lydie,

I met Mustafa back in 2019 by playing versus him and after that, we talked I played with him since.

My account was Heads Will Roll and our goal was to build multiple armies, help the alliance to win, and have fun

My role in Stongs is just a normal player.

My feeling about the team is that it is a fun community, the game would be Nothing without these fun chats every day with the alliance members, the round was fun but we expected more resistance.

Interview from Mustafa, who led the team.

Mustafa from Seek & Destroy account, lead the team

Hello Mustafa, you lead this team on INT30. Why did you decide to lead? What was your goal for the team? On which account did you play? What was your personal goal? Now it’s finished, How are your feelings about the team and the round?

I am in love with the Travian community that we have created over a long period of time, and my personal life will be getting busier soon. That is why I wanted to lead one last time to end this journey. There is nothing I would not do for my members, thus, we have established STONG with any song title as in-game name.


Our main goal was to have fun, whatever the cost would be. Winning has never been a priority but of course, we could achieve both, because we had the best 60-account team Travian has witnessed for at least 3-4 years.


My account name was Seek & Destroy and our main aim was to lead ally operations without making a WWK. My dual team generally works for the top1 attacker rank, we gathered 4.3M points but our alliance had a better off account this round so we ended up in the 2nd spot. Since our priority is to have fun and we achieved this, I can clearly say points donโ€™t matter.


About the team, I can say without hesitation that it was the best one I have led so far. It was amazing that we started the round with 65 premade accounts and only 2 of them were lost during our journey. All other players accomplished their roles and did whatever I asked them. Team spirit is rare nowadays, but Stong members donโ€™t have anything but team spirit. We made operations with 44 accounts as a personal record, and most of the time sign-ups were not under 30 accounts. Def players reacted to the calls pretty fast through discord and off players have made hammers to be used in ops. Looking back, I have no regrets about playing and leading this round.

I also would like to thank the leadership team: Chance, Jay, Bruce, Lemon, and Pere

Hope our name will be remembered well and fair.


To finish here is a personal note, I enjoyed playing this round. I won 21 times a Travian server (12 legends, 4 quals, 1 final, 2 servers with artifact region, 2 Travian Kingdoms), invited to many alliances, most of them met my requirements, and a nice team with all the values I want to share: fair play, respect, no cheating, team spirit.
Winning is not the goal anymore, but playing in a respectful and fair atmosphere is the first thing I’m looking for, and helping players and new players to progress, and enjoy this game as I do. Nowadays, team spirit is not so often encountered, so it was very nice to see that it can still exist.
Each one in STONG made big efforts to do his best in the game, using all his skill, with fairness and respect, it was an awesome behaviour team.
Finally, I thank Mustafa for the work he has done to make this server what it has been.
I hope all players enjoy Travian as I do, by meeting players with very good behaviour and team spirit.
I hope this post will keep you wanting to play Travian because it can generate great human adventures and the sharing of great values.
Relationship between players is very important, it’s not only a virtual game, and it’s a side I particularly appreciate.