Travian: Glory of Sparta ~ Meet the Spartans!

As some of you have already guessed, on this year’s Annual Special – Glory of Sparta – the battles of Travian will see the arrival of a new tribe: The Spartans.

And even though one might say – who hasn’t heard about the Spartans? – we would like to introduce them properly since they will be staying with us for quite some time! And we are certain they have a large chance to become the chosen tribe for many!

Spartans are famous for their military-based society, focusing literally every aspect of their lives on military training. They started at an early age and continued almost throughout their whole lives.

Interesting fact: Sparta had no walls. The explanation for this was mentioned by their founder, Lycurgus the Lawgiver, who once said:

“A city is well-fortified which has a wall of men instead of brick”.

That was true. The citizens of Sparta were considered the greatest treasure and best defence for their city, and they proved this countless times in legendary battles.

Sparta keeps influencing our lives even now, through music, literature, art, films, and sports.

Famous Spartan races, the Marathons, the movie “300” revolving around the legendary king Leonidas and various sport activities always attracted attention to the Spartans. 

Even the Travian Team once participated in a Spartan race back in 2017! Maybe that was the first spark that got the team wondering – what would happen if we added relentless and vigorous Spartans into the world of Travian?

So, will spartan villages indeed have no walls in Travian? What will be the names and battle characteristics of the Spartan units? Will the Spartans have a special building? What will be their hero ability? Stay tuned to get answers to all these questions and more in the upcoming weeks!

We will unveil features one by one, giving you some valuable insight and will start with… The Spartan units!

Join Discord and vote which unit you would like to learn about first! Come back on Monday, 20.06.2022 at 13:00 UTC+1 for the first reveal about the Spartans!

To the vote!

HA-OOH! Glory of Sparta!