Create your own Discord chat server

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create your first chat server for your alliance. Our goal is to give you a quick and easy start with basic channels and then let you continue growing your server together with your friends.

First, create a Discord account

You can download a desktop, browser, and mobile app version of Discord. Each will give you access to the same chat channels and servers on your account, while some features are missing from mobile.

Go to and download the app.

Discord buttonsAfter downloading Discord, the first thing we recommend for you to do is join the Travian: Legends Official server.

Once there, look for channels with a 📣 megaphone icon, and click on Follow button. This way news you are interested in will be automatically sent to your server.

From the plus (+) icon, you can create a new Discord chat server, but we already created a handy server template for you with all the basic channels and settings in place. Kind of like having a house ready to move in.

Download our template here:

And from the compass icon, you can search for other public servers to join. This button is available only on browser and desktop versions.

Next, get familiar with your server

We will be using the downloadable server template version as an example. The channels are easy to adjust to better match what your alliance needs.

Alliance template

Some basic channels that are good to have

  • Guidelines on how you wish your alliance members to behave
  • Announcements channel where you post alliance-wide news
  • General chat to discuss the game, and an off-topic chat to discuss other things
  • A place to share battle reports or spy reports
  • Alliance members and their roles in the team
  • Channels for different types of missions
  • Sitter or dual requests

There are three roles we set for you to start with: OFF, DEF, and Admins. If you click on a member name and give the role OFF or DEF, they will see either the Defense-missions channel or the Attack-missions channel. These two channels are invisible without these roles. The Admin role gives another player full access to the server settings and to all channels.

We added a few extra channels in case you wish visitors to write introductions, share music, use fun bots, or gather useful links and tips in one place. You can edit, clone, or remove channels by right-clicking on them.

Lastly, popular questions you might have

How do I invite players to join my server?
On top of the button available on #new-arrivals channel, you can right-click on any of the channels and select ‘Invite People’. You can search for friends who already use Discord, or you can copy an invite link to share with your alliance.
Read more about invites.

How do I add more channels or categories?
You can add both categories and channels from the dropdown menu right next to your server name. Channels can be added also by clicking on the plus (+) icon next to a category, or by cloning an existing channel. To clone a channel, right-click on it and select ‘Clone Channel’. This way the channel inherits all the settings and roles of the original channel.
Read more about channels and categories.

How can I hide channels from certain people?
You can create a role that you give to the selected players. Each role can have different permissions, and different channels they can see. To access roles, go to ‘Server Settings’ from the drop-down menu and select ‘Roles’. To give roles, right-click on the name of your friend and select one of the roles you created.
Read more about roles.

How do I add emojis to the channel names?
You can copy-paste emojis to channel names from various websites, such as Emojipedia: When writing the channel name, paste the emoji right next to it. You can do the same with Unicode characters.

Should my server have moderators?
This depends on what type of chat server you are creating and how many players will be joining. Remember, you set the rules and the other players decide if they follow them or not. If you are unsure where to start, please check out Discord’s own guidelines that already apply to all servers.

Does Discord have forum threads?
Yes, but the feature is not your classical forum. You can create a thread out of any comment you see on the server. This opens a new side-chat where you can dive deeper into any particular topic. Next to the text field for chatting, there’s a plus (+) icon that also lets you create threads.
Learn more about threads.

What are Discord bots?
This topic is too large to cover here, but in short, Discord bots can be used to help moderate your server, play games there, listen to music, get laughs, and more. Have fun discovering different bots; here’s a link to get you started:

Is Discord safe to use for me and my allies?
As with any communication platform, be sure not to share anything too personal with strangers. And please read these two guides by Discord to ensure the safety of your account and your server.
Four steps to a super safe account.
Four steps to a super safe server.

If you want to learn more about Discord resources, head over to

We hope this tutorial was of use to you, and to all your allies.
Your Travian: Legends Team