Travian: Legends Mobile App – we go into the Test stage!

As announced a couple of months ago, the Travian: Legends mobile app is in the works and now its development has currently reached the test stage. 

Quite soon, the first 100 brave warriors will be able to experience Travian: Legends in a brand new way!

Of course it is not a complete app yet: lots of game features are still missing and its functionality is rather limited. Therefore, it can’t fully replace the browser version as it is now. Nevertheless, this first test is of utmost importance to define our next steps towards the development of a successful application.

Interested? This is all you need to know!

What do we want to achieve with this test?

We would like to get first-hand feedback on the utility of this mobile version when it comes to basic account maintenance:

How easy is it to perform certain actions? Is the interface intuitive? Are all UI elements understandable and command buttons can easily be found? Which features are valuable to go forward with?

We seek to get clear answers on those (and many more questions) to define our next steps and priorities in the course of the app development. And we need your help with that!

What exactly will be tested?

As we said, during this round we would like to focus on testing mainly basic account maintenance aspects, such as checking resource overflow, switching villages, resource fields and building constructions, as well as main features related to rally point and troop training, including the use of a farmlist. A more detailed scope of what we plan to test is listed at the end of the article.

I want to participate! How can I do that?

We have certain limitations regarding the number of participants and the operating system itself, therefore we will have to act according to the following requirements.

  • The test will be run via Google Play. Due to its limitations, we can only invite up to 100 players in total.
  • The test will be run only on one game worldAmerica 3xthat starts on May 23rd. So, in order to be eligible, you will need to be registered in this specific game world.
  • We welcome both new and experienced players, since we would like to make sure that the app can be used by the majority of Travian: Legends public.
  • As the test is currently only for Android OS, take into account that you will need a device that supports this operating system.
  • We are looking for players with fluent English that are ready to share detailed and constructive feedback and to participate in surveys carried out by the development team.
  • Last, but not the least: we are looking for committed players willing to actively participate in the test during the whole testing phase from May 30th to June 17th.

I am the ideal candidate! What are my next steps?

  • Register on America 3x on May 23rd.
  • By May 25th an application survey will be sent to all the players registered on that game world. Fill in that survey till May 28th.
  • A raffle will decide the 100 participants that will be able to test out the Travian: Legends mobile app. The lucky ones will be contacted via email not later than May 30th.

What will happen next?

If you are picked as one of the participants, you will be invited to a dedicated Discord server where your feedback and first-hand impressions about the app will be expected. And don’t forget to report bugs/inconsistencies and whatever you find “out of place” 😉 .

As a token of gratitude, 10 Google Play vouchers (50€) will be raffled among the participants who remain active until the end of the test. 

Here is a rundown of possible actions that we plan to test:

 Constructing and upgrading resource fields and buildings

  •  Choosing the building you want to construct
  • Checking requirements
  • NPC-trader
  • Start of construction or upgrade
  • Related gold features: NPC-trader, complete immediately 

 Rally point features

  • Rally point overview and send troops tabs
  • Select target, troops and a mission type
  • Send attack/reinforcement/spy operation 

Farmlist features

  • Farmlist tab
  • Sending raids 

Train Troops features

  • Barracks/Stable/Workshop overview
  • Train troops tab
  •  Select and train troops
  • NPC-exchange 


  • Open and look around map
  • Read basic info about map tiles
  • Send troops from map location 


  •  Login
  •  Logout
  • Toggle troop evasion
  • Switch villages

Those who cannot participate in the test, don’t worry! We’ll keep you posted about it on our blog and Discord server!

Stay tuned and happy farming everyone!