Do you need new members for your Alliance?

We wanted to gather here some of the best ways to promote your alliance, inspired by our player community. Why not try all of these options and start recruiting!

Option 1: Alliance Cards

Announce your and your team’s presence to the Travian: Legends world! Spread the word about your alliance, and we will post your alliance intro cards on our blog!

How it works:

  1. Submit the form to inform us about your alliance
  2. A Community Manager will soon contact you and ask a few questions for the verification and short interview. You can submit your answers in English or your chosen language.
  3. After that, our team will create a card for you and posts it on the blog. Click here to see an example.
  4. We will post new alliance cards every few days or whenever we have a new verified entry for the alliance card.


TIP: Visit your gameworld chat on Discord and share a link to your Alliance card there.

TIP: If you are new to Discord, please visit the Travian: Legends Discord Tour post to get familiar with our player community.

Option 2: Get Pinned on Discord

  1. Find or create a picture that represents your alliance. The in-game banner creation tool is one excellent option.
  2. Write a freestyle introduction to your alliance and post it with your picture on the gameworld chat channel where your alliance gathers.
  3. Attach a recruitment thread to your post and tag any Community Manager for your recruitment promo to get pinned. 

TIP: Attach a recruitment form or link to your alliance card in your pinned alliance promotion.

Option 3: Use Recruitment Forms

Many Alliances use Google Forms to help select the players best fitting their team. Creating the Form is easy, but coming up with insightful questions can be a challenge. 

Here we have a simple form with ten common questions you can model after:

After you have given a title to your form, try to come up with a nice and short introduction to what type of Alliance you are building. Setting up just the right mood will help players decide if they should apply or not.

Question examples

  1. What is or will be your in-game name?
  2. What is your Discord name in full (JaneDoe#1234)
  3. Do you play solo, or do you have Duals?
  4. What are your preferred languages?
  5. Tell us about your history playing Travian: Legends?
  6. When are you usually available and what are your most active hours? Please also add your time zone.
  7. How familiar are you with Getter Tools, Kirilloid, and Google Sheets?
  8. What type of Gold user are you, usually?
  9. How many Crop fields are in your ideal Capital?
  10. Describe your playing style.

It may be best to avoid personal questions that players do not wish to share with strangers; real name, age, gender, city, or country. It is hard to tell how gathering personal information is relevant to being part of the team.

TIP: Share your recruitment form with our team when submitting the Alliance Card form. We can then add a link to your form on your card.

Do you have more ideas on how to promote an alliance and help with recruitment? Share your ideas on Discord and one of our Travian: Legends team members will help get your ideas published!