Tides of Conquest – Winner Interview – Ivan (Myth)

Ivannn#7622 (Byakko) – Myth Leader

Winner Tides Of Conquest – Europe (2x)

Q – Who were the heroes of your Alliance, any special mentions?

Every single player has to be honoured, This win was a team effort and everybody has contributed to it. Wherever you were the top offensive / defensive player or just doing your best to play the round. We had players whose duals dropped mid-game, players that got destroyed multiple times but tried to rebuild every single time, etc…
I will give a big shout-out to Arkki who put our team in a good spot directly at the start of the server. Morgan le Fay account for their defensive skills and always be on top of our deff needs. Warlock who followed the Byakko craziness on every insert in enemy regions – about 6 region inserts total. And to Skammust who got his account stolen, and crashed but stayed with us on another account and helped us with offensive operations.

Q – Did you notice any special tactics or moves your competitors used against you?

To be fair, the server was kinda special. Our main opponents tried to rally more alliances against us and merge all big accounts, but it didn’t play well. Too many leader conflicts etc.
Towards the end of the server – 45 days left or so – they tried to fully invade one of our regions overnight. Little to be known, we had plenty of Culture points and village slots left and we were able to answer their move really fast. It was a good move but a little too “All-In” to really stop us from moving forward – I believe a small change to that move could have changed the way the server was played.

Q – About your team, how much of it was formed before the game world started?

Our team is a mix of quite a few teams. In this round, we had a large group of players from the last special who joined us. We had 2 “map” recruits during the server so we were 98% premade.

Q – What happened if opinions clashed in your Alliance?

Opinions always clash especially during eventful periods in-game. We always try to talk it out and sometime someone will get mad but it always ends well – sometimes with an even better way forward than we started with.

Q – How do you educate new recruits in the ways of Myth?

Myth is a very open group, we don’t need to mould people. Our only way is “No Cheating” and we are very strict about that. We had some good players leaving us early on because they didn’t agree on something in that regard. As long as you play for the team and not strictly for your account, we will do fine together. We always try to balance team/account development on our objectives etc.

Q – Who was the “class clown” with all the best jokes?

Let me give you more than one: Viy, Tef, Grandi, Arkki. We all have our funny moments but they always are on top of it.

Q – Will there be Myth on future servers, and how should one apply?

Myth will be back for the Special server in September.
As a complete team, we competitively play 1 server a year but some of us choose to have more or less chill rounds in between. To apply, you can reach out to Manul#8654 or myself Ivannn#7622. We always have needs for duals or full competitive accounts.

Q – Anything we forgot to ask, and you can’t wait to tell?

Really looking forward to seeing what TG has in store for this year’s annual special and hopefully enjoying another server with this team and play against wonderful enemies.

Thank you Ivan for this interview!
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