The Hawks and the Weasels – Day 1: Plans revealed

Appius Lacer was the only one talking, and each moment felt more and more uncomfortable. No questions asked, no comments given. His uncle was sitting in a chair, appearing asleep. Only trembling eyelids and irregular breathing revealed that the old vulture listened attentively. Marcus stood by the window, looking out over the village roofs toward the horizon. None of them moved an inch even when Appius finished talking.

To his surprise, it was Kora again who broke the tense silence.

“Forgive me for my question,” she said. “I’m not much into warfare, so I just need to make sure I got this right. The plan you offered the Romans is to build a fortress for them, which you will then give to them without a fight. They will then turn it into the main outpost for a complete invasion of Hibernia. And our village…” –

“And our village will be the first to be destroyed,” Marcus interjected, completing the sentence. “Or it will be under constant pressure with all the defensive forces tied here while we leave all other positions in the region undefended. So, we’ve got the two best choices ever. Allow our village to be destroyed or let them destroy the others.”

“There is a third option,” Plinus Lacer replied, his voice quiet but firm. “What if my grandnephew is lying, and everything he just said is but another Roman trap? Or even a fourth option: The Romans are smart enough not to share their plan with some Hibernian peasant who imagined himself to be a Roman architect, and he knows nothing.”

“That’s not true. There is at least one thing none of you have any doubts about: The Romans are coming.” Kora stood up, putting an end to the conversation, and returned to her desk. “And that means we’ll need to work twice as hard. The help of another talented architect will be invaluable. I already lost my home once. I won’t allow my new one to get destroyed just like that.”


Task: How well do you know traditional Travian: Legends architecture? Take part in the quiz and test your knowledge.

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