🕊️ Spring Holiday season ~ Truce information 🕊️

Dear players!

Easter is coming and we’re looking forward to celebrating it with our friends and family.

To give everyone a chance to celebrate and enjoy these festive days without worry for your armies, we are having a 🕊️ truce period 🕊️ on Travian: Legends.

Regions: America, Europe

Start: Saturday 16.04, 7:00 UTC+1
End: Monday 18.04, 17:00 UTC+1
No starvation runs until Tuesday 19.04, 17:00 UTC+1

Excluded game worlds:

America4, America6, America100, Europe7.*

*Those game worlds either are in the endgame/beginner mode or will have artefacts or construction plans released close to the truce time.

We’d like to wish our community Happy Holidays and a great time with family and friends.

Your Travian: Legends Team