How To Settle in Grey (Natars) Area

Here I will show you the two techniques used to settle in the grey area.
The Grey area is the whole area of 22 fields around the Natars Capital (in 0/0). Here you can meet the greatest concentration of croppers in the whole server, like very gorgeous 15 Croppers with 150% bonuses!

But if you want to settle here, you have to know that Natars do not appreciate having someone in their 22*22 and they will try to destroy you!

You will receive 14 attacks within 24 Hours (/by server speed) with catapults that can target 2 buildings/fields, so they will destroy 28 buildings/fields!

But keep calm, here, I will teach you how to survive!

I suggest two different ways to survive:
– The first one is better for the early game if you settle with your second or third village.
– The second one is more designed for mid/late game when you come here for the world wonder or to help your team.

– 1) The first technique is cheap but requires you to switch your village to a capital!

The first objective is to switch the village to the Capital, in order to put the Stonemason's Lodge. 
In a village, the Stonemason's Lodge is the last building to be destroyed, that changes everything! 
Follow this build order to have the same village as the two following screens:

Fields view:

Buildings view:

Remember to switch the village as the capital or you won't have a stonemason's lodge and you will be destroyed!

To build everything, you will need:
Wood Clay Iron Crop
4.045 4.285 4.055 1.595
Total amount: 13.980 Resources

– 2) The second technique, is way more expensive but does not require switching your village into capital, this is for the mid-late game for example!

Here your objective is to build more than 28 fields/building with at least 1 population.
(if you have only crops lvl 4 for exemple, you have 0 population, so village will just disappear).

Fields view:

Building view:

To build everything, you will need:

Wood Clay Iron Crop
20.565 25.725 18.645 5.890
Total amount: 70.825 Resources


I hope it will help you and enjoy your server!
PS: It works on every speed version!
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