Europe 2 – Overview & Artefact-spawn

This report will give all readers a quick overview of the 1x-speed world Europe 2. With more than 15.000 registrations, still around 4700 players on day 90, and over 15 top alliances, this is definitely one of the most competitive servers since the regional servers were implemented.

Alliances and Confederations


History Channel & History Plus

An international alliance with – at least what I was told – many dutch players. With a total of 100 players and a current average of 8182 population per account, they have to be considered a very strong alliance. Three of HP’s raiders are responsible for ~80% of the total farm income they achieved this week.
With 34 Romans, 32 Teutons, and 34 Gauls, HC/HP is perfectly split into all three tribes.

In the first half of the server, they had some clashes with 4Fun. Due to the fact, that all other alliances in their sector are in a confederation, I think there will be a lot of work to do for HC/HP.

4Fun, PL, ะŸะžะฅru, ITA-F (NE-Meta)

A confederation with Italians, Polish players, Russians, and an international alliance. A total of 217 players with an average population of 3662 makes them – in total – equal to HC/HP. Obviously, with more players, there are more attackers, when it comes to operations, but I think the HC/HP players can compensate this.

With 91 Romans, 32 Teutons, and 94 Gauls, this confederation is not prepared perfectly for offensive operations, since there is a lack of Teuton cleaner hammers. With that many Gauls, they should be able to build a high amount of defense against operations from HC/HP.

There is a map below with a short overview of the northeastern sector.

Overview of the northeastern sector




An international alliance, currently in the Top 3. With an average of 7532 population and 60 accounts, R.A.M has to be considered as one of the top alliances on this server.
They are split into 19 Romans, 13 Teutons, and 28 Gauls. In combination with their position, the 19 Romans are very scary for all sleeping hammers. With 28 Gauls they should have enough defense to compete.


A two-alliance confederation with a total of 87 accounts. Mainly consisting of dutch players. With an average population of 10.316 and a split of 20 Romans, 31 Teutons, and 36 Gauls, Pokรจ is the main confederation in the northwest. Due to their outback position towards the west, they have fast access over the map borders towards the north-eastern sector.


With three greek alliances, named GP, GP MD, and GP 2, and a total of 150 players, the GP-Meta will have chances to compete. With an average of 4.588, they have not considered the top-tier alliances but there will definitely be some chances to compete. They are split into 60 Romans, 54 Teutons, and 36 Gauls which makes them beatable in defense, but with the fast roman armies, they can be a nightmare for everyone.


A small german alliance with a total of 39 players and an average of 6.497 population per player. They do have 18 Romans, 10 Teutons, and 11 Gauls, which makes them quite balanced. Maybe another 1 or 2 Gauls would fit into this constellation but they can definitely compete as a confederation partner for any alliance in the future.

There is a map below with a short overview of the northwestern sector.

Overview of the northwestern sector




A french top 12 alliance. Split into 19 Romans, 8 Teutons and 21 Gauls. They will definitely be able to defend themselves, but with only 8 Teutons there is a serious problem with Teuton hammers. With an average of 5.614 population per player, they can be considered as a confederation partner for all WoW-building alliances in the future. Maybe they even find some partners on their own and can build a WoW themselves.


The next German alliance. With a total of 31 players, divided into 12 Romans, 5 Teutons, and 14 Gauls, TT will surely be an alliance you don’t want to crash into. An average of 6.999 population per player tells, that they are experienced. Only six alliances do have a higher population average than TT. Just like RCK, they have to be considered partners for all alliances, or they can open a confederation on their own.


An international/dutch alliance, with 51 players in total. They are divided into 15 Romans, 12 Teutons, and 24 Gauls which makes the quite interesting as a confederation partner. With an average population of 7.536, they are a top-tier alliance. I personally could see them in a SE confederation with RCK and TT and fighting against the NOWAR-Meta but I do not have any inside pieces of information on those topics.


A Romanian meta, consisting of 234 accounts. With an average population of 4.438, they definitely do not have the most experienced players in their rows, but with their pure mass of players, they have to be considered as one of the best confederations on this server and maybe even have a chance of winning the server. They are split into 100 Romans, 46 Teutons, and 88 Gauls which shows their main preference: defense. I assume – if they go for a WoW – they will have the highest amount of troops – as long as the confederation situation stays like this.

There is a map below with a short overview of the southeastern sector.

Overview of the southeastern sector



Hard, Hard1, X1

An international confederation, with a total of 140 accounts. Their average of 3.336 population per player lets us know, that they are not too experienced, but can compete with the help of their mass.
The mix of 52 Romans, 19 Teutons, and 69 Gauls makes them very defensive which can be very annoying for attacking alliances.


Another international confederation consists of two alliances. They have 89 accounts in total with an average of 5.864 population per player. With 28 Romans, 23 Teutons, and 38 Gauls they are quite balanced.
In the first half of the server, they faced SRSLY in many battles which lead to losing many accounts. It will be very interesting if and how they can compete in the future.


The current best-placed alliance mainly consists of germans. With their 57 accounts – split up to 12 Romans, 22 Teutons, and 23 Gauls – they can surely compete everywhere. Their average population per player is 12.207 which is the highest average at the moment. As written above, SRSLY had some clashes with Legzy which lead to dead troops on their side, but no accounts were damaged from those attacks. The fact, that they won every single gold medal in raiding and all except for one in climbing shows their highly active playstyle.

There is a map below with a short overview of the southwestern sector.

Overview of the southwestern sector



Artefact defense sizes

I provided three screenshots, to show the artefact defense sizes.

Artefact defense sizes

Small artefact:

Small artefact

Large artefact:

Large artefact

Unique artefact:

Unique artefact

Overview of artefacts in alliances:

Artefact: HC/HP NE-Meta R.A.M Pokรจ GP-Meta NOWAR-Meta LEGZY SRSLY SSQ Others
Slight Sectrets 3 1 2
Slight Boots 3 2 1
Slight Eyes 1 1 1 1 1 1
Slight Diet 1 1 2 2
Slight Talent 1 1 1 2 1
Slight Storage 1 1 1 1 2
Slight Confusion 1 1 1 1 1 1
Slight Fool 2 3 1 1 1 1 1
Total Small: 4 2 1 14 2 3 4 7 4 11
Large Secret 1 1 1 1
Large Boots 1 1 1 1
Large Eyes 1 1 1 1
Large Diet 2 1 1
Large Talent 1 1 2
Large Storage 1 1 1 1
Large Confusion 1 1 2
Total Large: 6 1 5 1 7 3 5
Unique Secret 1
Unique Boots 1
Unique Eyes 1
Unique Diet 1
Unique Talent 1
Unique Confusion 1
Unique Fool 1
Total Uniques 2 2 3
Total: 12 2 4 19 2 3 5 17 7 16

The three strongest alliances/confederations had the most promising arti-day. With 19 artefacts, Pokรฉ currently has the most artefacts. Followed by SRSLY with 17 and HC/HP with 12.


I hope this article gave you a short summary of the current situation in Europe 2. All confederation information I wrote above is the ones publicly displayed in the alliance profiles. If I missed any, those confederations were not displayed in the profile (or I overread it).

Feel free to always share interesting battle reports in the server discord, or hand them over in a private discord message.

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