Travian: Tides of Conquest Spring Round – What’s New?

Spring comes with fresh air, renewed life, and a home clean-up after the long winter!

As we previously announced, the spring round of Travian: Tides of Conquest is coming early in April with 2 speed variations: x2 and x5 speed.

Following the spring cleaning tradition, we’re bringing some quality of life changes specially designed for the Tides of Conquest scenario, which are based on players’ suggestions.

What’s new?

Regional power becomes more visible on the map

Every player who has played the annual special scenario at least once knows the feeling. You look at the map and read the region name, Cheruski, for example, and become confused: Is it even worth settling a village here? What power does it give?

From now on, regional power will be shown directly on the map. No more confusion between Tarsus and Thebes or Hibernia with Hyperborea! New shiny signs will show your settlers the right path if they want to fight for a certain power.

Regional power displayed in the “Regional Top 5” tab

Alliance strategists have also received a useful, new update. When you plan a military operation, you always need to keep in mind which powers players can activate in a certain alliance. Do they have Eagles Eyes? Can they activate the Artifact of Confusion? Do they have faster troops? This alliance controls Segestica, but what power would that give them?

All this is now solved. Just open the alliance profile and explore the full list of powers at a glance!

The same update is also applied to regional statistics.

Improved sorting of regions in the treasury

If your alliance only owns a few regions, this might not be an issue. However, if you seriously plan to play for victory, your alliance will have to take control over as many regions as possible, and it will quickly become hard to find and activate the necessary power in the long list of regions sorted by ID.

After the change, regions will be sorted according to regional power (i.e. faster troops, trainer talent etc.) and its scope (unique > great > small).

BB codes for regions in in-game messages

Special, regional BB codes [region]name[/region] were added in addition to coordinates, player names, and alliances in the in-game messages to assist alliance communication and coordination. Codes work both with the region name and region ID.

Horn of Natars removed from adventure loot

The annual special scenario is all about fighting between tribes, and even though mighty Natars found their way to these lands, their presence is minimal. Therefore, the Horn of Natars has been removed from the adventure loot.

And now that you’ve found out what’s new, let’s recap on some useful information about Tides of Conquest.

  • You can find the calendar for the Tides of Conquest spring round here.
  • For complete information about the Tides of Conquest scenario, the regional map, and differences compared to classic gameworlds, take a look here.
  • If you want to apply to an alliance, chat with fellow players, and find out who else is planning to participate in battles on the gameworld you’ve picked, join our Discord channel.

Sharpen your swords and lace your titan boots! It’s time to go on the adventure of your life in Tides of Conquest!