Tides of Conquest – Winner Interview – Buli (Flux)

Buli#4641 – Flux Leader

Winner Tides Of Conquest – International (1x)

Q – Who were the heroes of your Alliance, any special mentions?

The defence team need a special mention. Offence teams and scouters can plan and attack/scout when it’s ‘convenient’, whereas DCs and def players are largely inconvenienced. It arguably requires the most commitment, being active and responsive the moment those red swords appear. It’s disruptive and time-consuming to analyse attacks and coordinate defence. While everyone contributed, a shout out to I am not alone, The Chef, BeibiR2ppar, Sweety, Vortex, Longer, Hanna, Freya, Kipeski.

Q – Did you notice any special tactics or moves your competitors used against you?

The short answer is no. The enemy teams on ToC Int x1 were largely non-preformed and somewhat inexperienced. Some had seen success on the TSE Factions format, which I think proved to be counterproductive as their expansion strategies were questionable.

Q – About your team, how much of it was formed before the game world started?

We were a full premade team, consisting of 5 ‘crews’ who had never played together as an alliance. The new team is a mash-up of veterans that are not ready to retire, newer players that are looking to learn more, most who do not have a regular place to call home anymore.

Q – How do you educate new recruits in the ways of FLUX?

We wanted to play hard but fair, play without ego, and play with respect for who we are as players, not which ally tags we used to play under. No agendas, no drama, just a desire to play. What we offered each other is our collective experience, good communication skills and a desire to win. Everyone bought into this ethos.

We voted on a new team name. FLUX. The literal translation is ‘continuous movement or change’. Adapt or die. It seemed fitting for the changes we all made, and the way in which we bring our purpose & play style to the server.

Q – Who was the “class clown” with all the best jokes?

One of our Baltic players, Jass (IGN BullsEye), was a lot of fun to play with. Quick with the amusing memes and gifs. Fantastic sense of humour and at the heart of the Discord banter.

Q – Will there be FLUX on future servers, and how should one apply?

Hopefully yes. Depending on the format we will look to come back for the next x1 annual special in September. Due to our player numbers for ToC x1 Int we didn’t recruit in-game, but we have reached out to a few standout opposition players who made a good account of themselves in terms of their skill, attitude and likemindedness. Anyone that’s genuinely interested in playing with us should look out for us on the next annual special beta.

Thanks to Travian Games too. Some of us have played every iteration of the annual special, and the ToC format was good fun; one of the best variations. The game has also come a long way with some of its anti-cheating protocols and it was great to see some old veterans returning to our team, who was pleasantly surprised with the improvements.

Thank you, Buli for this interview!
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