Become a Content Creator!

In our continued effort to have a community built by its members, we are revamping the Content Creator role for our official Travian: Legends blog.

Perhaps you would like to write a 📈 detailed server analysis or help others by ✍️ publishing tutorials or 📽️ video guides. You may also want to 🎤 interview alliance leaders and alliance members, or just ✒️ write your stories as a Travian: Legends player.
These types of content are important to us, and we want to capture them for all to see!

If you see yourself in the description above and wish to actively contribute to the community with Travian: Legends-related content in the form of guides, gameworld analyses, fan art, fan fiction, interviews, and battle stories, then please consider joining the blog as a Content Creator!

How to Become a Content Creator

  • Please apply here to register your interest and present an example of the type of content you want to produce.
  • Once your request is processed, you will be granted a unique role and access to our official Travian: Legends blog.
  • Your Community Manager will provide you with a simple guide to create a blog post yourself. There will only be a few guidelines to follow when it comes to layout, formatting, and images due to the brand policy and copyright restrictions.
  • The post will be submitted for review to make sure it follows our guidelines, and unless there is a need for some fine-tuning, it will be published shortly after!

Content guidelines

  • Original content in the form of guides, gameworld analysis, fan art, fan fiction, interviews, and battle stories. Unleash your creativity!
  • Personal opinions are welcome and appreciated, but content that includes threats, hate speech, belittlement, and similar material will not be published.


  • A dedicated role on Discord.
  • A dedicated Discord channel where you can share your content and create threads for player discussion.
  • Quickly level up on Discord; every suitable article published will be rewarded with 500 XP.
  • Access to the Content Creator media kit.

If you do not wish to be a Content Creator but still have a story that you’d like to share, let your Community Manager know by getting in touch with them on Discord. You can find the team list in the channel #🤝│meet-the-team. They will upload your story on your behalf and ensure your nickname is displayed as the writer.