Alliance Leaders Interviews – International 31, Round 3

Hello players,

It’s now day 54, only 3 days before Building Plans Day.

I contacted 15 alliance leaders, for a short interview so that they could introduce themselves and their alliance, and give us their feelings about this server. I also offered to ask one of their players to talk about their thoughts.

Congratulations and a big thank you to those who answered ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are their answers.


Tag: =))
Nom: Crazy faces


My name is Jano, I come from the Slovak Republic, I live in Banskรก Bystrica, I will be 50 this year. I do not speak English, I use google translator.
I have been playing Travian for years, with 3-4 year breaks, my first server was sk6, then came the map, a hero with auctions in today’s form. My wife says every day that I am happily married, so it must be true and she also plays Travian.
I am in charge of the Alliance Crazy faces alliance with friends. This server is like another, the effort is to play decently, to be a loyal alliance and a good friend for friends.
The creation of the alliance was agreed upon pre-server, exclusively by a group of Czech and Slovak players. Of course, we also accepted foreign accounts over time.
We are having a good time on this server together with the duo Peter, and our goal is to support the construction of the Wonder of the World.
I believe that it will succeed and I wish the entire Travian community, only the best in the game and in real life.

Player’s answer – John:

I played three servers this is the fourth one, my first time as a defensive player.
It has been quite a boring server so far but it’s a more modern Travian as such, we’ll see how it goes.


Tag: Onni
Nom: Moo Sister

My alliance is a small group of friends from Thailand. We started playing in an Asian server about 10 years ago.
My team used this game to communicate and share lifestyles. Our priority isn’t to win but to help everyone in the group.
For this server, a good alliance from Thailand invited my group to play for the first time on an international one. So far I noticed differences between the current players and veteran players. The big difference with leaders from other alliances is their priority to win, it doesn’t seem like it’s about honour or friendship anymore.
Maybe I’m wrong. I hope we will meet good players, good opponents and veterans players. Many thanks.


Tag: N. M.


My nickname is “boss” because I’m a good manager and a great offensive player. I competed against many national teams and was always a german player. I only joined here to rule my people because I didn’t have time. I have been invited by many professional players and teams, but I always like to fight with weaker teams against stronger teams.

How long did you play Travian?

I was just 9 years old when I discovered this game.

Which alliance are you leading here? is it a premade alliance?

I’m the leader of the No Mercy alliance. Not a team that was prepared before, but a team made up of players who met in the game. But since I’m a known Turkish player, I’m a common acquaintance of almost all Turkish players.

What do you think about this round? Have you had some fun?

It was good for us, we did good operations in attack and defence, we destroyed some of our opponents’ hammer villages and in return, we didn’t even report to our opponents in the attacks that came to us.

What’s your goal?

We have no purpose, we came to have fun.

A small word as a conclusion?

I say to our opponent, who is trying to win the game by negotiating on the server, that they should put more effort.


Tag: ANT R
Nom: Formigas


My Nick is T3uta0, I used this nickname since 2009, always the same.
I am the leader and founder of the ANT family since 2009, we started a small group, it grew, we got close to 200 members, we won several servers; Portugal, Spain, and later Hispanic, Luso Brazilian and International.
I’ve been away from Travian, and I returned to this one at the request of several ants and I’m relearning how to play and socialize with friends.
The purpose of this server is just fun.



Tag: Oppa
Nom: Brother

Hi. My name is “Ole”. We have been playing Travian for a long time. Iโ€™d say about 15 years. In this round, our two allies were originally Oppa and Onni. Then, we decided to cooperate with War P and TU.

What do you think about this round? have you had some fun so far?

Both fun and exhausted. There was almost no peaceful time for us. We came here as a small team so conquering the Southeast area was not an easy task. Moreover, while we were doing that, war between areas broke out and we, unfortunately, were caught in it. There was literally no “sim city” period at all.

What’s your goal?

What we really value here is the trustworthiness and friendship we share together on the server. And we always keep our words.

A small word as a conclusion?

We do not want to be a winner. Being memorable is more important than winning.


Tag: G&T
Nom: Gin-Tonic


May you briefly introduce yourself?
Hi, I’m Martyn from Lithuania, better known as Lithuanian ***Tentacion, I work in the rap industry and in my free time, I play Travian.

How long have you played Travian?
About 15 years without breaks.

Which alliance are you leading here? Is it a premade alliance?
G&T Alliance, a small Lithuanian alliance. Yes, we are premade.

What do you think about this round? Have you had some fun so far?
Yes, I have a lot of fun playing here, it’s a really strong server.

What’s your goal?
To win, because I’m a winner, not a loser.

A small word as a conclusion?
Everyone, please have a nice day, I did!

Let’s go for BP day and I wish you all a fun end of server.