Report Players In-Game

Did you know you can report players directly in-game instead of writing to the customer service team? 

Players reported in-game are directly sent to the Rule Enforcement team. Each report will be checked thoroughly for rule violations and the necessary actions will be taken following this. 

The option to report a player is available in the player profile. You’re allowed to report 2 players per day. This limitation is only present to avoid spamming reports due to some altercation in-game. One report is enough to bring the attention of the Rule Enforcement team to this player. 

When reporting a player, you can select the reason why you report them, and add a comment to explain your report. If you wish to report an alliance, you can simply pick a player from the group and write an additional comment in the text box. Inappropriate In-Game Messages can also be reported on the message itself. You can read more about how to report inappropriate behavior on our customer service portal.

Starting April 4th, we will no longer handle player reports via our ticket system. Reports will only be accepted when reported in-game via the player’s profile. This will help us to be more efficient on the customer service side to help players with their technical, payment or game related questions faster.

Time for all of us to get familiar with the report system in the next few weeks!