The Quality of Life update is coming soon!

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” —Vincent Van Gogh

As you might have noticed, for a few months, we have been gathering and evaluating your suggestions. Yes, we do that! This time though we have decided not to implement them randomly here and there in the releases but to dedicate a full release to the small improvements proposed by the players.

Today, we are happy to introduce our “Quality of Life” update! This update does not change the game balancing; it is centered entirely around player requests. 

We have focused on changes that reduce the number of clicks for some actions, provide more transparency regarding the behavior of some game features, or just save you some valuable time.

A special thank you to the Ambassador Group and the players from our Discord suggestions section, who helped us evaluate these changes and bring them to life! 

Hospital overview 

When you start the healing process for your troops, you trust that the healers in your village do their job correctly. It was quite a challenge to check on all of them, as you had to visit every hospital in all your villages.

This is history. You can now get a full report of the status of the healing process directly from the Travian Plus Account. In fact, in the village overview, a new sub-tab for the hospital will appear under the troops.

You will see a list of all villages in this new tab. A gray dot will highlight the villages where there is a hospital but no wounded troops.

In the “in progress” column, you will see which troops are being healed, and if you move your mouse cursor on top of each troop icon, you will also learn how many of each type are being healed.

What’s more, you will be able to see at first glance how many troops and which types are still wounded and require attention from the healers.

Merchant delivery time 

We are pretty sure many of you will be familiar with this situation: A call for an urgent resource delivery is made to support an alliance member in danger, and the request for resources is only effective for a certain time.

Until now, the marketplace did not show the arrival time but only the duration of travel. But this is going to change!

With this patch, we will be adding the arrival time for when the merchant will reach their destination. Beware: If you deliver 2x/3x merchants, the arrival time of the next trips will not be shown.

Confirmation pop-up when canceling a building

It’s 5 am. You grab your smartphone to check if everything is safe in your village, and you tap in the middle of the screen, canceling the construction of a level 20 Palace by mistake. No, it’s not a nightmare; it’s worse! But no worries, this won’t be happening again. No more resources lost due to misclicks!

Now, when you cancel the building or resource field upgrade, a confirmation pop-up will appear with a warning message that will clearly state how many resources you will get back if you cancel the item in your queue.

Friendly reinforcements are no longer strangers

We’re sure you’ve been there! You’re under attack, and your alliance decides to organize a massive defense operation. The friendly troops are incoming, but they are strangers. You have no clue how many are headed to your village, so you struggle to organize the food rations. This will never happen again. Finally, you will be able to know exactly how much food to prepare for your reinforcements!

When a player receives defensive support from an alliance or confederacy member, they will now see the incoming reinforcing troop numbers. This works both for direct defense and forwarding reinforcements.

This change doesn’t affect the behavior of attacks and raids against alliance and confederacy members. Attacking and raiding troop numbers will remain unknown.

Farm lists for scouts

It will be possible to include scout troops in farm lists.

Whether you’re an Egyptian micro-farmer who uses 1 Sopdu Explorer and 1 Anhur Guard to farm, you like to be sure that none of your targets built some defenses overnight, or you want to calculate whether certain oases are worth farming or not. All this is now possible with farm lists.

Let’s have a look at the details:

  • Scout troops are unlocked in the farm lists and can be sent either with other troops or separately.
  • If there are only scout troops in a particular farm list entry, the initiated raid becomes a scouting mission of the type “Scout resources and troops.”

Animal bounties in the combat simulator

With the introduction of animal bounties from oases, many players had to dust off their trusty calculators. It’s time to put this old-fashioned gadget back in the drawer.

From now on, when a player uses the combat simulator to simulate a raid against an unoccupied oasis, the combat simulator will also show the animal bounty that will be added to the hero inventory if the attack is successful and the army finds all the animals still present in the oasis.

Oasis raiding simulation

Since introducing the changes to animal bounties, it has become common to simulate raids on oases multiple times a day. The most active oasis raiders were very frustrated that opening the link to the simulator in a new tab did not aggregate the number of the animals in that specific oasis.

With the “Quality of Life” update, we are making this community wish come true. After its implementation, if you choose to open the “Simulate raid” link in a separate tab, it will now lead to the combat simulator with pre-filled data based on the oasis ID. This allows you to quickly send an attack on this oasis if you are satisfied with the simulation results.

Read them all! Delete them all!

No more 1,927,583 unread reports! That’s history!

The interface of the report page will change a little, introducing a new functionality such as marking all reports as read and deleting all reports in one go.

Let’s have a look at the changes in detail:

  • It’s now possible to mark all reports as read and delete all reports in one go. If you don’t apply filters or flag any messages, all the reports will be selected.
  • This action can be performed for all reports (“All” tab) or for a specific category (“Offensive,” “Defensive,” “Scouting,” etc.)
  • Moreover, it’s possible to filter reports you want to mark as read or delete them using internal filters in each category (i.e., only mark as read or delete reports without casualties.)
  • If some of the reports are selected, the action will be performed only for the selected reports.
  • If none of the reports are selected, the action will be performed for all reports in the chosen filter/category.
  • A pop-up will summarize how many reports in which category will be marked as read or deleted.
  • There are two new buttons labeled “Mark as read” and “Delete reports” at the top and bottom of the report list for more convenience.

Casualties in reports

With the introduction of the hospital, players sometimes have a hard time seeing whether their attack was a complete or only partial success. This is due to how the casualties are currently shown. Following player requests, we have decided to change how the data is displayed.

So what will change?

  • Troops sent to the hospital are no longer deducted from the total number of units killed.
  • However, an additional line will still display how many of the total losses can be healed in the hospital.

Improvement to siege reports

Everyone who plays as an attacker knows that bittersweet feeling of not precisely knowing how much damage was done to the buildings of the attacked village when it was completely destroyed.

With this release, you will finally be able to evaluate exactly how much building/field damage you inflicted on your opponent as the level of the destroyed building will be added to the report when completely destroyed.

Alliance banners

Each alliance will have a banner that’s displayed in the alliance profile, the statistics, and the victory page. The alliance banner generator is available for each member of the alliance, who can create a banner and then submit it to the leadership. The leadership chooses which banner will be used as the alliance’s official banner.

The banner can be changed at any time and as many times as players want.

Filter interface for alliance reports

Every pro-player knows that alliance report filters are available in the game; they save them in some super-secret file that gets updated at the start of every game world. It’s time to archive those secret links because now they’ll be available directly in the alliance report interface.

But that’s not all; we have also added a few goodies:

  • Pagination is now added to alliance reports, allowing players to see alliance reports that happened a while ago.
  • Display message and report settings for your own account will also be applied to alliance reports. Players can configure these settings in the dedicated menu. (Settings -> Display -> Insert preferable number)
  • There will be multiple filters for different types of attacks on the alliance report page that will allow players to filter reports by categories similar to filters in their own reports (“Attack with/without losses,” “Defense with/without losses,” “Scout detected/undetected,” etc.)

Recruiting players will be easier

Recruiting players calls for some memory skills as you have to remember exactly the name of the player you want to invite to your alliance or copy and paste it from their profile. From now on, there’ll be no more hassle; you will be able to do this simply from their profile.

A new  “Invite to alliance” button will be added to the player profile, which every alliance member with the  “Invite player to alliance” rights can use. And if you open the player profile once again, you’ll see a message that reminds you that an invitation has already been sent. If you change your mind about having this player in your alliance, you can always revoke it by going to the invitation page.

New knowledge base

Our old and trusty Answers portal got a little rusty over the years and truly deserved retirement. Today, we are happy to introduce you to its brand-new replacement, which will be available by the end of the year.

The new knowledge base platform will be directly connected to our Customer Support tool. We will open it in English shortly, but additional languages will follow next year.

What’s new? The new knowledge base platform uses more advanced technology. As a result, articles look better, they are easy to find and share, plus if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact us directly using the same tool. Another nice addition is that you can also send us feedback about the article you are reading and give it a quick rating.

We didn’t simply copy and paste the content of the Answers portal to the new platform. We spent months going through it and selecting valuable content, rewriting, updating, and improving every piece of information. We made sure it’s up to date, has useful information both for new and advanced players, and is easy to read.

As we mentioned before, we are starting with English, and other languages will follow later.

As Travian: Legends constantly evolves and gains new features or balancing changes, we will continue to update the current articles and add more as we go. Of course, we will listen to your feedback.

Stay tuned; we’ll let you know when the English knowledge base opens.

⏲️ Roll-out plan (downtime ~15 mins)

13.12 ~10:03 UTC +0 — International5, International30, International9

15.12 ~10:03 UTC +0 — International *
15.12 ~12:03 UTC +0 — RU, Nordics, CZSK, NL, Balkans

16.12 ~10:03 UTC +0 — Arabics
16.12 ~12:03 UTC +0 — Europe

17.12 ~10:03 UTC +0 — TR, Asia
17.12 ~12:03 UTC +0 — America

20.12 ~10:03 UTC +0 — Tournament Finals

We are eager to read your comments about this release. We hope it will make the end of 2021 very memorable for you!

Your Travian: Legends Team

P.S. Release will also contain the following bugfixes:

TL-10107 – Crop consumption displayed in the “resources” page was not updated when troops on a scouting mission were completely wiped out. They can rest in peace now and won’t consume crop anymore.

TL-10178 – Losing a resource field level caused the task system to display incorrect progress for the connected task, suggesting the fields are more advanced than they are.

TL-10238 – Forwarding troops to a player under beginner’s protection is not possible. That was working well, but we missed a proper error message when you try to do this.